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FEAR FACTORY release new music video: I forgot what the song is called

This is off their new “Mechanize” album, whose only positive contribution to metal is to further prove the point so truthfully made by myself in the post below.

Now the video got off to a good start in my book (never mind the “government is evil” text in the beginning); I was genuinely interested in the whole slow-mo, black and white, nazi-looking dude with dogs scaring a random naked dude. But then it quickly degenerated into a retarded slide show of cliche “metal” imagery (holy shit the bible!). It features dog carcasses, so it may hold value in a scientific way to a certain food connoisseur that I know, but apart from that it’s total crap. I could do a better guitar solo if I were to simply fart on my guitar and record it.

Also, it seems Dino is well on his way to make Fear Factory the first all fatass metal band. The only odd member here is the vocalist, who apart from sucking ass really hard at vocals, looks like a lesbian. Dino will prolly eat him anytime soon. Anyway, the only reason I’m posting this is because Gene Hoglan is in it and I like that dude. Thanks again Mr. Cazares for giving the big fella a job and not letting him sleep on the streets.

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