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Archive for February, 2010

Metalscape is under attack

You read that right guys. Metalscape, or more specifically, the Metalscape website is currently under attack by malware from sources unknown. If you’ve gotten alerts from your anti-virus software or have been redirected to some advertisement page in the last few days while browsing the site you know what I mean. We are not just standing here with our arms crossed waiting for utter destruction though, the Metalscape Site Emergency Response Task Force (MSERTF) is hard at work fighting the invasion. Zach is currently hard at work blaming me for everything, Gogo is currently hard at work not giving a fuck since his computer is so amazingly secure viruses are a non-issue to him and I’m currently hard at work writing this post in which no way will help fix the problem.

They say knowing is half the battle, and as such, I’ve begun to formulate some theories as to who may be behind these attacks. What? You thought this was just a random infection? The hell it is, there’s people who’ve been wanting to bring us down for years. But the question is who? Read on to find out just who may be involved in this…
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FEAR FACTORY release new music video: I forgot what the song is called

This is off their new “Mechanize” album, whose only positive contribution to metal is to further prove the point so truthfully made by myself in the post below.

Now the video got off to a good start in my book (never mind the “government is evil” text in the beginning); I was genuinely interested in the whole slow-mo, black and white, nazi-looking dude with dogs scaring a random naked dude. But then it quickly degenerated into a retarded slide show of cliche “metal” imagery (holy shit the bible!). It features dog carcasses, so it may hold value in a scientific way to a certain food connoisseur that I know, but apart from that it’s total crap. I could do a better guitar solo if I were to simply fart on my guitar and record it.

Also, it seems Dino is well on his way to make Fear Factory the first all fatass metal band. The only odd member here is the vocalist, who apart from sucking ass really hard at vocals, looks like a lesbian. Dino will prolly eat him anytime soon. Anyway, the only reason I’m posting this is because Gene Hoglan is in it and I like that dude. Thanks again Mr. Cazares for giving the big fella a job and not letting him sleep on the streets.

The Death of Metal?

What the fuck?

Is there no good metal music coming out anymore or is it just me? If you’ve listened to most of the more recent shows, you are already familiar with this sentiment of mine. A couple of years ago it would seem that every few months a band that I liked would release a new album, and it was good. I even enjoyed going on random metal hunts for new bands and would find myself pleasantly surprised with what I would unearth (Uaral, Sikth).

But now all of that seems gone. All of my favorite metal bands have already gone to shit (Symphony X, what happened guys?). Some are even into their second shit installment (Sonata Arctica, Porcupine Tree), and some are so far beyond shit that they have lost every sense of what good music sounds like, but keep going at it anyway (Dream Theater). Then you got the uncomfortable middle ground where bands release new albums that even though aren’t complete garbage, they’re nothing particularly interesting or fresh either (Devin Townsend, Behemoth, Ensiferum). Now I understand it is the natural way of things for bands to lower the quality of their musical output over time, so I guess the first part of this paragraph is perfectly justifiable, and I should instead focus my energies on finding new bands that tickle my fancy. But that’s the other part of the problem; There are no worthwhile new bands either.

So I repeat the question. Is it just me, or is metal music going to shit? I wanna know you guys’ opinions so post in the comments. And if you have some good suggestions for bands to check out, please do so. Otherwise I’m just gonna sit here and enjoy some old Adagio while I wait for metal to completely die.

Van Canto: ahahahahahhahahahahah

This band is so ridiculous it borders on genius. No wait, they’re just ridiculous:

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!