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FUCK Gibson

If you’re a registered member of the greatest forum on earth you will have more than once noticed the incredibly gay Google ads we have at the top of the main page. I mean, they’re not always bad, but when they are they truly redefine “bad”. Although lately, Google seems to only have pictures of their phone on there 24/7.

I was browsing the forums today when one such ad caught my attention. It was about something called “Dusk Tiger”, and it had the Gibson guitars logo on it. Color me intrigued, because I clicked it. And holy shit, this is where it took me:

If you’re thinking “hm, I’ve never been to the Gibson website because honestly, fuck Gibson and their guitars, but it feels like I’ve seen this before…”, this is your answer:

What the fuck Gibson? If it wasn’t for Apple whoring out the iPad like it was Jesus with a touchscreen, your website would identical to theirs. It’s got the same width, color scheme, button style and layout. Although it actually looks more like a previous version of Apple’s site, it’s still fucked up. If it weren’t for that bitching tiger they got on there, I would have straight up just punched my monitor to make it go away.

And while we’re on it, Dusk Tiger? What the fuck kinda stupid name is that? Notice how they don’t even call it a guitar at first, simply “Dusk Tiger”. Great job Gibson, you named a product after a big cat (LIKE APPLE DOES WITH THEIR OPERATING SYSTEMS OMGZZZZZ).

By the way, that’s the stupidest fucking guitar I’ve ever seen. Leave it to Gibson, the guitar company for douchebags (seriously, the only guitarist who has played a Les Paul and was not a gigantic douchebag was Mr. Les Paul himself), to come up with the most useless piece of shit ever and call it “redefining”. Who the fuck wants to have a goddamn computer inside their guitar running on board EQs, independent string outputs, piezos, robot tuners and other crazy bullshit? Idiots, that’s who. If you need all that shit on your guitar to play interesting music then you’re doing something wrong. Also, the damn thing looks like the bastard son of a Les Paul and a $10 hooker with some god awful chrome shit slapped on it. Most guitars have the unique ability to make the guitar player look twice as cool a regular dude without a guitar; I think Dusk Tiger would have the exact opposite effect. Jesus Christ is it ugly. And here’s the punch line: It’s $4,128.

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