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Episode CXXIV – I’m not angry!

ITE: Hot Date or not? Lady Gag Reflex and her/his penis, Staccato talking, Throat-fucking, “He’s an idiot. I used to like him”, fucking Reaper, relistening experiences, rut music, “like a wah pedal midway”, attempting skydiving discussions, “you don’t know ricky”, published writer, The Organic Quasi-Debate, Old Man Zach: Full Force Hate Mode, missing file properties, pretentious music, “FIX YOUR SOUND”, to stereo or not to stereo, air ranks, perfectly average cocks, anger management, “I love my new phone”, metal news, “my phone is awesome”, “did I tell you about my phone yet?”, “I’ll tell you again anyway”.

Witch – Rip Van Winkle
Kate Nash – mariella
Masseratti 2lts – Macrobossa-eira
Dresden Dolls – Lonesome Organist Rapes Page-Turner
Meshuggah – Pravus
Cake Bake Betty – 64 White Little Things
Finntroll – Under Bergets Rot
Amanda Palmer – Runs in the family

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