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So Dave Mustaine isn’t Always a Douche

From the Official Megadeth site

Megadeth would like to send out their sincere condolences to the family and friends of a fallen Droogie, Jeffrey Hendricks. Jeffrey passed away on Friday, March 26 after a battle with cancer. Jeffrey was to attend the Megadeth concert and meet ‘n greet in Memphis, Tennessee on March 23 but went into critical condition the night before and was not able to attend. After hearing the news that Jeffrey wouldn’t be able to attend the show, Dave Mustaine and the band gave Jeffrey a very special phone call. Jeffrey had met the band at a Megadeth concert in Knoxville in November 2009. The family has expressed their gratitude to Dave and the band for meeting and spending time with Jeffrey last November and for calling him Tuesday. They said that getting to meet and talk with the band really brightened the last six months of Jeffrey’s life, and they’ll always be extremely grateful for it.

I love it when bands really go out of their way for fans. And to know that they talked to Jeffrey multiple times show that they didn’t just make a throw-away phone call for good PR. Goodonya Megadeth.

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