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Spring Break at the Wordless Chamber


Right? Well not so much for me. In a time usually reserved for all out partying and getting st00pid (traditionally), I am instead sitting here writing on the Greatest Metal Podcast of all Time’s blog. In other years I would fly back to Nicaragua during this precious week, but alas, my economic situation is such that I can’t really afford a plane ticket right now, so I’ll be staying in the US this time.

Back in the homeland, I would probably be waking up right now with a slight hangover to the sound of my sister’s dogs running about the house. Instead, I woke up about 2 hours ago to the sound of my alarm clock. I don’t really have any friends in this here country, so most of this week will be spent being by my lonesome, deep in the Wordless Chamber. I do have a few things I want to do that haven’t been possible in regular school time; like record this song I’ve been playing in my head for a while now, catch up on my biking/gym sessions, finish putting together my RGEM and look harder for an internship.

As far as Metalscape goes, I have no idea if Zach will ever come back on. Last episode was pretty awesome content-wise, but it also showed that he’s really not into it at all anymore. Remember giddy ol’ Zach excited about telling us about some new freeware software that organizes your .mp3s? Yeah that’s gone to shit. So I’ll be doing MSRs in the meantime. Join me tomorrow night, Sunday, if you want to get in on the action.

So how will you be spending your Spring Break?

6 Responses to “Spring Break at the Wordless Chamber”
  • Swamplord says:

    Lucky mother fucker! you have beaches (you are an asshole for not liking Corona: la mejor cerveza del mundo), here we got coldness, pay taxes time and fucking mexican cousins visitors!

  • Gangland says:

    I’m gonna be fucking my girl, drinking, watching gore & exploitation flix, maybe a concert or two, basting Metal & Grind, smoking weed, and all that other good shit.

  • greggcarson says:

    Poor lonely Ron, I’m going to amsterdam over easter should be pretty fucking awesome. As for Zach you could allways edit old clips of the show and splice them in with you talking.

  • Gogo says:

    well atleast its a decent temperature outside. over here were glad if its 32F (0C) outside

  • Fraser says:

    Well I don’t have a job here in Portsmouth, so when I go back for Easter I’m going to be working for my dad for a week, and then probably spend the other week having chilled times with some old mates, playing guitar or something.

  • Zach says:


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