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The 2nd Annual Metalscape Awards

Even though it’s been like 3 years since the last one, Gregg the drunken Irishman, still believes he’s right on track. And so he’s posted a thread containing the rules and categories of the most prestigious award on the internet:

First off I need a better title.

Secondly I realised this hasn’t happened for like a over a year (surprising since we have only had like 20 episodes) so I decided to do it all over again, same rules as before unless I decide to change them.

I am accepting suggestions for categories aswell and this year I have a very special surprise for the winners.

Most Valuable Poster (MVP)
News Anchor
Grammar Award
Best Thread
Most Annoying
Best use of Images
Best Video Poster
Best Member Produced Music
Best Host
Most Improved Member
Most Missed member

U2U me a message with your vote

1.everyone gets 2 votes in each category (you can make 1 vote or not vote if you so choose) can’t vote for your self

Vote in the following format

Most Valuable Poster (MVP)- name1, name2
News Anchor- name1
Grammar Award- name1, name2
Best Thread- thread title1
Most Annoying- name1, name2
Best use of Images- name1, name2
Best Video Poster- name1
Best Member Produced Music- name1
Best Host – (one vote only) name1
Most Improved Member-name1
Most Missed member- name1, name2

If you’re interested in participating, you can go ahead and register on our forums. There is no defined cut-off date, so you can relax about that. If instead you only wish to vote, you can register on our forums as well, but I dunno who you’d be voting for since you wouldn’t know anyone there well enough to vote for them, but feel free.

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