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Archive for April, 2010

Equilibrium Post New Material and Album Artwork

Equilibrium have posted the album artwork for their upcoming release “Rekreatur” as well as a song from the album.

The song, entitled “Die Affeninsel” (The Island of Monkeys) lolwut, is a quick jaunty number similar to anything you would expect from the band. With some fun instrumentation and keyboard work. Check it out at their myspace.

They are also holding a contest to design the cover for the single release for “Die Affeninsel”. Send submissions to in .jpg format, 300dpi, 15x15cm, smaller than 15MB.

Mille Petrozza on Peter Steele

As you may have heard, Type O Negative’s Peter Steele has passed away. Mille Petrozza of Kreator had this to say.

Peter Steele was one of my all-time favourite musicians ever! I`ve only met him once briefly and he was just the nicest guy! Carnivore`s “Retalliation” and all Type O Negative albums have been a huge influence on my creativity. This is a black day for music! Rest in peace, Peter.

The new Annihilator sucks

What is this? I can’t even…

2:57 – 3:07 is pretty cool though
Annihilator - The Trend

Ensiferum on your iPhone

Ensiferum has now its own iPhone app. I’m not shitting you. Check it out for yourself.

It seems that the app first came into existence for phones other than the iPhone, and it was called Mobile Twilight Tavern, but now this new “Mobile Backstage” version looks like a more generic band app rather than something uniquely Ensiferum. Which makes sense, since the only techie band member they’ve ever had was Jari “200 Tracks” Maenpaa, and he’s long gone.

In case you’re wondering about what exactly this app does, here’s the breakdown:

- Get connected and join other Ensiferum fans from around the world
- Follow Ensiferum across the globe
- View material (text, video, audio, pictures) posted by the band
- View and comment on material posted by other fans
- Share your own material with other fans
- Interact with the band members & other fans by taking part in open discussions, or send private messages to other users etc.
- Integrated Twitter support
- Get SMS-like notifications from band postings and private messages

Awesome right? It is, if you like Ensiferum a lot. I couldn’t care less what they’re up to these days. Although that last half of that one song on their latest album was pretty sweet. If you’re wondering how good the app is, here’s a review by Persesilmä:

Tää on paras ohjelma ku saa tietoa parhaan suomalaise bändin tapahtumista ja vielä ilmainen!! Ensiferum fanien pakko ladata!

Thanks to paroxysm, our local Ensiferum nut, for the heads up.

It Takes Skill to Do a Good Pop Cover

I can get down with a Metal version of a pop song when done well. I can appreciate the irony and it doesn’t really bug me. I think the heavy metal I Kissed a Girl is particularly genius, and it stays on my iPod because I listen to it fairly regularly. I even enjoyed CoB Salad’s Oops! I Did It Again rendition.

However what I hate is when shitty bands try to copy the success of I Set My Friends on Fire, who practically launched a career off that one cover. They half ass some pop cover relying solely on irony to try and gain success. What they don’t realize is that it does actually take some thought to produce a good pop cover.
I know this discussion is burnt out and I’m a little late to the game, but today hearing an incredibly bad cover of Bad Romance just really boggled my mind as to how people don’t realize this.

Most Metal Phone App You Will Ever See

As I mentioned the other day, there is a Metal Archives Android app in development. However you probably weren’t able to get into the beta, and that’s because the app was already on it’s way to the marketplace by the time we picked up on the story. It is not officially available.

The app is extremely slick and responsive. The simple UI allows you to search via Band, Album, or Song. And gives you access to all the bands information which is available on the archives. Including reviews if you find yourself at a record shop with an unknown band that caught your eye. It’s also great for settling debates between your friends.

My favorite feature however is the ability to show lyrics, this comes in handy since I have the voice of an angel, but the memory of a carrot.

RIght now the app is strictly for consuming information. It doesn’t offer a way to edit the archives or submit that band you just met at Guitar Center. But who knows, maybe that’s coming, as long as it doesn’t complicate things.

Screenshots after the jump…

Until the Light Takes Us – Review

So I’m sure that people around here have heard about this new Black Metal documentary ‘Until the Light Takes Us’. It debuted at Film Festivals a year or two ago and has been playing for limited stretches at limited numbers of Cinemas ever since then. It was playing at Cinéma du Parc here in Montreal so I decided to check it out.

First of all, anyone who has at least a limited knowledge about the History of Black Metal won’t learn very much from this film. The only new historical (as it were) bits that I took away from it were a few juicy anecdotes, that were however so juicy that they were almost worth the ticket price – namely Varg’s very detailed (and grimly hilarious) account of Euronymous’s murder. The film presents its overriding theme well though; it shows the ways in which Black Metal was essentially misunderstood by the media and thus presented to the world in a different form; Inflatable Pub For Sale that Black Metal, in its essence, is therefore still unknown to all save for a relatively small group of people. True Black Metal, or more precisely it’s spirit, still survives as an esoteric phenomenon because it was never in essence revealed to the world. It’s an optimistic message to an underground mentality.

The film really excelled in how well it portrayed each personality visually (also worth the ticket price are a few heroic appearances made by Abbath and Demonaz from Immortal). Moreover, the soundtrack – fantastic. All of the appropriate metal fare plus some unexpected but welcome others, most notably ‘Boards of Canada’, a Scottish electronica outfit that supplies Fenriz’s nightly trudging with a bleakly melodic backdrop that is as cold and icy as the forest surrounding him. It’s a great movie to watch and to listen to. Go.

Until the Light Takes Us – Official Trailer

Metal Archives Android Application

Everyones favorite Heavy Metal site (besides Metalscape of course), Metal Archives, could soon have it’s very own Android application.

The application is being developed by a fan of the site and is not directly supported by the site, so don’t go asking them any technical questions. But they do support his efforts.

Beta testers are currently needed for the application, if you’re interested fill out this form if you’d like to participate.

As a proud owner of a new Nexus One, I thoroughly support this idea. Man, my new phone just keeps getting better and better.

Equilibrium Completes Work on New Album

The album is entitled Rekreatur. Equilibrium had this to say,

We have finally completed our new album REKREATUR!More infos and of course new soundsamples will be available here soon!

We’ll see what the hype machine that is EQUILIBRIUM has up it’s sleeve this time around.

Easter at the Wordless Chamber

I never really got the Easter traditions in the US. What’s with the eggs? Wait they got candy in them? Is that a giant rabbit? In any other christian country that has a real culture, like Nicaragua, you would just go to church and then revel in the fact that your lord and savior has risen from the dead.

I woke up about an hour ago, and I’m finishing my listening session of the latest Metalscape episode. Turned out pretty good. Very good actually. It seems the show is always invigorated by long pauses in its output. Definitely check it out. As for the rest of the day, I plan on to celebrate the rest of Holy Sunday by doing some more laundry and vacuuming my room. No gods are allowed inside the Wordless Chamber and their customs have no place in here.

So what are your plans for today?

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!