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Episode CXXVI – Podcasting For Doctors

ITE: Starcraft II for iPhone, Periodic Happenstance of a Body between two Points in a Plane of Existence, “I’m always right”, Best Buy/Apple Store tales, Throat Fucking, You don’t wanna know about Malefic, Bandcamp, Brian POSehn, Foreskin and Sheltered Environments, Sexy Sexual Predators in Hoodies, By the Book, Nazi Hops, Wiper Physics, Kevin-what?, UNLIMITED POWAH, Precious, Metalscape and Torture, “I killed Saddam Hussein with my bare hands, what have you done lately?”, “Music? On Metalscape? Pff”, Magic’s moving my car, Van Canto, Rhythm in the Mouth, The Wireless Samaritan, House Elf Mutilation Remembrance, Saber Tooth Tiger Cooch, Demographics, Zach the Blogger, Varg Vikernes vs. Hollywood, Excellant Nights, The Letters, Listener Survey and Doctors.

Triptykon – Goetia
End of Power – Shackled to a Corpse
Dismember – Under a Bloodred Sky
Watain – Reaping Death
Deep Purple – Bloodsucker
Soreption – Suppressing The Mute
Gostwind – Korean Road
Van Canto – Wishmaster
Burzum – Kaimadalthas Nedstigning

Music Bed: Sola Rosa – Get it Together, Estradasphere – It’s Understood, Hans Zimmer – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest OST, Kiko Loureiro – Universo Inverso

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