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Archive for August, 2010

DVD Teaser from Kamelot

This clip was just posted by Kamelot, it’s a sneak peak of the bonus DVD that’s shipping with the next album “Poetry of the Poisoned.

It’s mostly these weird black and white interview moments with the members talking about stories or how much they like “the rock and the classical and the romantic music”

I kinda want to hear that story he was telling at the end but they cut it off of course, just to fuck with me. Harumph.

Uaral still got it

If you’re not familiar with Chile’s Doom Folk duo “Uaral” you’re missing out on some truly amazing music. I mean, they do have certain quirks that may not be immediately likeable to everyone (crying vocals, crazy ass banshee-like screaming, an obsession with depression), but the music is absolutely gorgeous.

I was listening to their latest today, “Lamentos a Poema Muerto”, and decided to check out their website to see if they had finally finished it and maybe find a hint of a future release. Turns out the site is still not up completely, but they did upload a “fragment of an un-edited composition”. Hopefully it’ll make it onto their next full release, because it’s fucking beautiful.

Wormed go to Bandcamp

If you’re not familiar with Bandcamp yet, you’d better start getting familiar now. It’s like MySpace, except it’s focused on music and not every other gay shit ever from the internet. I thought it would’ve picked up faster by now, but I guess every other gay shit from the internet is more popular. It’s a very attractive distribution model for small bands/solo musicians, as it allows them to sell (or just plain give away) their music directly to you, no middleman.

And now Wormed is on it, giving it some very needed death metal cred. They’re streaming 2 songs off their new single (singles?), “Quasineutrality” on their page. The production is finally up to date, taking them from their almost undecipherable sonic beginnings in “Planisphaerium” to an amazing full force assault on all 3 channels. And yes, they’re from Spain, but I guess you can’t have it all in metal nowadays. Definitely check them out.

Jari Mäenpää: “Fuck ‘TIME’, I’m playing Farmville”

That’s right people. The one and only Jari Mäenpää is now on Facebook. You can find his profile at this address, and if that’s not working for you, just search for “Jari Mäenpää Wintersun” within Facebook.

Don’t worry about this not being legit, as the man himself posted it on the official Wintersun boards. “Who gives a shit?” would probably be the appropriate reaction to this, but I can’t help my fanboy self. Friend Request sent!

Neaera Unveil New Album Art

I know it’s not generally my style, but I fully enjoy most of Neaera’s material. Go pick up Rising Tide of Oblivion if you haven’t already.

Anyway their new album “Forging the Eclipse” will be released on October 22nd and they have released the album art and tracklisting for the album.

Yeah, it’s kinda dumb.


The Forging
Heaven’s Descent
In Defiance
Eight Thousand Sorrows Deep
Arise Black Vengeance
Sirens of Black
Tyranny of Want
The Prophecy
And to Posterity a Plague

Episode CXXVIII – Stay Dub

ITE: America sucks at countries, Nergal’s death and the metal revolution, Justin Bieber is secretly the greatest musician ever and Portuguese men come have a join us with the sex.

Bloodhag – Franz Kafka
Animals as Leaders- Tempting Time
Cage – Planet Crusher
Howl – You Jackals Beware
Casus Belli – I’m Your Master
Ulver – Wolf and Fear
Harness – Eye of the Storm
Vaski – Get Down

Music Bed: Ratatat – LP3, Ratatat – LP4

Metalscape Radio 7 – With Zach and Ron

Here’s a little show we put together while Ron was in Nicaragua. Not really a Metalscape episode as there is absolutely NO metal. But there is a new “real” episode that has been recorded, look for it in the next couple of days.

Download Metalscape Radio 7

Cradle of Filth Claims to Have a New Album Cover

Could have fooled me…


It’s good to know Dani is supporting his fans though, lonely first year graphic arts students. Even letting them create album covers for the band.

He also says the new album is going to be “The most br00tal album we’ve created to date”

A Music Video from HEATHEN Too!

This one is a bit less artsy then The Sword’s recent epic, but get’s the point across with some zombie soldiers or something, killing each other… or something, I have no idea wtf is going.

I do know that the drummer is about to have a fucking coronary.

The Sword is Making it’s Own Trilogy

Coinciding with the release of their new album “Warp Riders” The sword has unveiled the first of three planned music videos set to be released.

The video is for the song “Tres Brujas” and introduces us to a fat bearded, I’ll call him Ralph. Who gives the band a magical stress ball that will take them to see three witches.

There’s also this hot asian chick who I think they’re trying to save, because she’s floating around in fucking outer space, while some guy in a trucker cap gets in a sword fight.

Then they all take off in their spaceship.


Tres Brujas

The Sword | MySpace Music Videos

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!