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Wormed go to Bandcamp

If you’re not familiar with Bandcamp yet, you’d better start getting familiar now. It’s like MySpace, except it’s focused on music and not every other gay shit ever from the internet. I thought it would’ve picked up faster by now, but I guess every other gay shit from the internet is more popular. It’s a very attractive distribution model for small bands/solo musicians, as it allows them to sell (or just plain give away) their music directly to you, no middleman.

And now Wormed is on it, giving it some very needed death metal cred. They’re streaming 2 songs off their new single (singles?), “Quasineutrality” on their page. The production is finally up to date, taking them from their almost undecipherable sonic beginnings in “Planisphaerium” to an amazing full force assault on all 3 channels. And yes, they’re from Spain, but I guess you can’t have it all in metal nowadays. Definitely check them out.

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