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Episode CXXX

ITE: Recording Confirmed, Russian Internet, Metalscape broadens its Horizons, The Nicaraguan Metal Scene, Ebony Football, Rappin’, Reverse Mulan: Dishonorably Discharged Pop Superstars, Magnets, GDot strikes again, The Exclusive Metalscape-Only Halo: Reach Review (and the current state of the gaming industry according to Ron), Tacos, Happy Mexican Bicentennial, D00M, “You’re an animal” and Pedozach.

Bulb – F8
Carpathian Forest – Return of the Freezing Winds
Mos Def – Auditorium
Alexandrov Ensemble – Russian Military Marches
Catasexual Urge Motivation – Homicidal Patterns – Organized-Disorganized
Ahab – Old Thunder
Prince – Erotic City
Coroner – Son of Lilith
Earth – Omens And Portents I – The Driver
Absu – shield with an iron face
Ophis – The Halls of Sorrow
Midnight – Vomit Queens
Steven Osborne – Rachmaninov – Prelude Op.23, No.5 in G minor
Shivaree – Goodnight Moon
Smoov-E – Dreamgirl
Smoov-E – The Fondler

Intro: Ratatat – Bilar. Music Bed: Tsuchie – Samurai Champloo Music Records “Masta”, Tsuchie/Fat Jon – Samurai Champloo Music Records “Playlist”.

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