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Best metal album of all time?

When I think of my favorite metal albums of all time, dear albums of mine, mostly from my young and careless age spring to mine. Releases by Stratovarius, Strapping Young Lad, Symphony X, Decapitated, Meshuggah and the like.

Those bands all have at least one amazing album out there. And it’s fantastic metal music. In some cases, some of the heaviest metal music ever recorded in fact; But I’m not too sure that it’s heavy enough to transcend metal. Is it heavy enough to break through the chainmail orb of metalness and blow minds elsewhere? Think of it, could songs from your regular favorite metal bands be stripped of their heavy distorted guitars, over-compressed drums and screaming/growling/shrieking/pig-squealin’ and still sound amazing?

Could they be your favorites song ever without all the elements that make it metal (and that make you love it in turn), and just connect to you in music’s most basic principle of melody, space and emotional evocation?

Every song on Ahab’s “The Call of the Wretched Sea” album can. It could also do it in its present form, which is I think, the best sounding one.

I think it is metal’s best album to date. Definitely check it out.

11 Responses to “Best metal album of all time?”
  • Gangland says:

    This band is such a snooze fest. Best Metal album ever can only be a tie between:

    The Mentors – Up The Dose


    Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast

    And for good Doom Metal that wont make you fall asleep Church Of Misery. Enough said.

  • Matt says:

    Church of Misery compared to Ahab? The Mentors? Wow, certainly don’t understand your tastes. I have to say, the Iron Maiden is certainly right up there though. I do think The Call of the Wretched Sea is a masterpeice of music.

  • Mark says:

    Dear haters,

    Doom metal is supposed to be depressing, it is supposed to crush your soul and mind under glacial waves of vocals, a dying heartbeat of pounding drums, and a miasma of sludgey guitars. Sure, it isn’t the most ‘exciting’ and energetic music ever made, but that was really not the point. Ahab isn’t energetic. Ahab is the anti-energy. Ahab is depression and fear incarnate.

  • ron says:

    I agree on the anti-energetic part. Ahab’s music stops you in your tracks, but I dunno about the depression thing. To me, it’s doomy character stands more as the awesomeness of a slow moving behemoth of art.

  • Burp says:

    Go find some un-pussifyed doom to hail as one of the best please.

  • Pinhead says:

    I’m a big funeral doom fan, but Ahab? I really tried to get into them, but failed. It’s nothing, compared to Shape of Despair or Colosseum

  • Fraser says:

    its good but i wouldnt go as far as “best metal album of all time”.

    although i dont evven know where id start there tbh.

  • Gangland says:

    @Matt If you don’t like The Mentors then your opinion on anything, in particularly music, is instantly voided. And do explain how this:

    isn’t better than ahab.

    Burp has the right idea.

  • ilya says:

    Church of Misery is not doom…

  • chwaltman says:

    so I gave this a good listen and suprisingly, I am going to have to agree with you ron. this album is exceptional. atmospheric, exciting, smart, powerful, hauning. its exquisite.

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