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Dødheimsgard is Working on a Secret New Project

And they want YOU!… to join in on the fun.

They are looking for fans to send in pictures, videos, or flyers of the band, send them to <deleted>.

Read their full announcement after the break.

“Fiends and cohorts – your help is required! Dødheimsgard are collecting archival media from their past for an upcoming project. We are looking for anything, scans or links to photos, videos, interviews, flyers or anything Dødheimsgard related. Any videos from the Dimmu Borgir/DHG tour are very sought-after, as are any promotional pictures from the Kronet Til Konge era, Monumental Possession etc etc.

“If you can upload it online then that would be preferable, but if you have anything interesting you can send, then we will pay for it to be posted and return it safely via registered mail. Everyone who sends material will have their name entered into a competition to win a free copy of Supervillain Outcast on CD and will also have their names featured on/in the upcoming project (as yet undisclosed). Please send your ephemera/links/junk/spam to <deleted>.”

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