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The Metalscape Request Challenge

Over here at Metalscape, The Greatest Metal Podcast of all Time, we like to entertain the idea of listeners actually requesting songs to be played on the show by actually playing them (from time to time). Now if we were at all serious about this program, we would not allow requests at all.

Well why the fuck not? For starters, if are, as we claim to be, the best metal podcast out there, we shouldn’t rely on our listeners to make up our playlist. Seems both lazy and un-professional. But the biggest reason against playing requests is that 90% of the time we simply do not like the music being requested. Simple as that. Yeah I know you love your favorite band and they’re awesome and everything but guess what? I hate them. And I hate you.

But now we’re giving you the opportunity to show us different.

There are those rare occasions when some dude comes out of nowhere and requests a song that is genuinely awesome. And in the best of cases, it actually makes us want to look up that band to see if they’re a one hit wonder or if they’re actually good. Most of the time they’ll have a couple of cool songs but that’s it, but sometimes they end up being the greatest band we’ve never listened to. And that dude has now become part of Metalscape lore. And that dude can be you.

And it is in that spirit that I’m throwing out this challenge to all our listeners: Send me an e-mail, comment or write on our Facebook with a song you think will fuck our shit up. A song that’s fucking awesome and will have us headbanging all the way like morons in front of our webcams. A rifftastic collection of sonic destruction that will shatter our brains through undiluted musical greatness. A song that will restore my faith in metal. Think you can do that?

All of our listeners are more than welcome to enter (all 14 of you), but in the end, only 8 random songs will be selected. These 8 tracks will all be played on a future episode and will be reviewed LIVE DURING THE SHOW without mercy. Remember that this is Metalscape, so if you are a listener then we probably know you pretty well (not really hard to keep track of 14 people), so your song will also put your reputation on the line…

Winner will also be announced LIVE DURING THE SHOW and will get a brand new and yet-to-be-revealed Metalscape Request Challenge Master shirt for free.

Interested? Start requesting!

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