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Devin Townsend: Deconstrupdate 1

Devin “I can’t seem to post shit online fast enough” Townsend has now posted the first video documenting the recording process of the third album in his planned “Devin Townsend Project” 4-album series, titled “Deconstruction”. Here it is:

Very entertaining watch as usual, and it should come as no surprise since for the past year or so, Mr. Townsend has honed his internet media skills by posting anything and everything that crosses his mind on twitter, Facebook, youtube and maybe even MySpace.

Seriously, I can’t think of a single day when I don’t get a fresh new update from The Dev regarding his meals, movie watching experiences or spiritual enlightenment. Maybe he should cut that back a little and try to focus on the actual music, because honestly,┬áits been kinda whack as of late.

Ever since he started releasing these preview videos containing actual song bits or demos, the music in them sounds pretty cool. Then the album comes out and you realize all the cool parts were in that preview. Not cool. And now this new video comes out with the same song bits and stuff, but without the cool. There isn’t a single riff/melody/sound on this video that I could qualify as “good”. Not even “interesting”. Is this a sign of worse things to come? Because I was promised the heaviest metal album of all time, not some rehashed “Addicted” album with a different drummer and a faster tempo.

Let’s hope I’m wrong, but as of right now, I’m officially not excited for “Deconstruction” anymore. Maybe “Ghost” will be good? I don’t know. In the meantime, I’ll go check my twitter, which is more than likely overtaken with what I like to call “Devin Townsend’s Mind Farts”.

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