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Metal Pole

How amazing is Wintersun's Time I?

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ITE: Never cease to underwhelm, THE METALSCAPE REQUEST CHALLENGE ENTRY PICKS, excitement for several reasons, Stand Up Comedian Zach, Metalscape on Financial Stability, Italian Dinosaurs, deep vaginas and how they relate to your slut level, The Masters of Realness and the most embarrassing fail in Metalscape History.

Destroyer 666 – Ride the Solar Winds
Rhapsody – Reign of Terror
F.K.U. – Marine Marauders
Electric Wizard – Funeralopolis
Falkenbach – Havamal
Lorn – Tomorrow
Hirax – Warlords Command
DJ Shadow – Six Days

Intro: DeadMau5 – Hey Baby

Music Bed: Kaya Project – “Desert Phase”, Doctor Rockit – “The Unnecessary History of Doctor Rockit”

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