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Archive for December, 2010

Contact Us

I was browsing the site today and I realized that we haven’t given you any means of contacting us directly. So in the spirit of always being closer to our fans, I’ve added the Contact Us page so you have a handy reference to our e-mails and some guidelines on what to send us.


TRON’s Legacy and its 4 Messages to Mankind

I’ve always loved the concept behind Tron. The idea of a man being able to go inside a computer program is beyond incredible in any geek’s most romantic of fantasies. The problem with it is that when they tried to make a movie out of it in the 80s, technology back then wasn’t so kind to imaginative minds (although you could argue that George Lucas did a lot more with it, and he did it back in the 70s). That is why this new Tron movie had me excited; because with today’s crazy CG shit the world of the Grid could be realized to its full potential. I went to see this yesterday to dazzle at the on-screen fireworks, but I was amazingly surprised to everything else that is in this movie.
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7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!