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TRON’s Legacy and its 4 Messages to Mankind

I’ve always loved the concept behind Tron. The idea of a man being able to go inside a computer program is beyond incredible in any geek’s most romantic of fantasies. The problem with it is that when they tried to make a movie out of it in the 80s, technology back then wasn’t so kind to imaginative minds (although you could argue that George Lucas did a lot more with it, and he did it back in the 70s). That is why this new Tron movie had me excited; because with today’s crazy CG shit the world of the Grid could be realized to its full potential. I went to see this yesterday to dazzle at the on-screen fireworks, but I was amazingly surprised to everything else that is in this movie.

Sure, TRON’s story is nothing to write home about, especially if you’ve seen the original. It’s a classic shift up from the old generation to the new, putting the spotlight on the young man while still preserving the old one. You can watch this movie and enjoy it solely like that, a nice story with amazing visuals, but there’s a lot more going on there.

I went to see it with my little 11 year old cousin, who I believe fell asleep towards the end and when we got out and asked him if he had gotten the messages from the movie, he was like: “Messages? In movies?”. So since it is my belief that TRON’s wisdom will fly over most people’s heads, I’ve compiled this handy “4 Messages” list to better help you understand what makes this movie great. Here we go:

TRON’s 4 Messages for Mankind

1. Information and Knowledge do not belong to anyone, they belong to everyone. The movie kicks off with Flynn’s son stealing his dad’s company newest operating system, and releasing it for free on the web the very same night the company is announcing its launch. Now Flynn’s son is actually the biggest shareholder in the company, so he knows the consequences of this, but he does it anyway, because he believes in a world where everyone should have free access to all and any information and knowledge. He understands this is the only way we can move forward as humanity.

2. Even in the worst of times, there is always a way out. When Flynn’s son finally meets his dad, trapped inside the Grid, he finds a very defeated man. With no hope of ever getting out. But through Flynn’s son persistence and passion, he manages to turn things around and get out of the Grid. It wasn’t easy, and some sacrifices had to be made along the way, but ultimately, if you put your mind to it, you will find an exit.

3. We humans are capable of doing anything we set our minds to. We are not computers, we are not programmed to follow a set of commands like our society would have us do till our deaths. We have an incredible potential for greatness, and we need to realize that if we’re ever going to change our world for the better.

4. Our world is perfectly beautiful as it is. This last message is delivered towards the end of the movie, and I thought was the most bold one, seeing as the entire movie is a glorification of our technical prowess in the digital and make-believe world, yet the movie just begs you to put down your cellphones, turn off your computers, log off your IM client, shut down your videogames and… look at the sunrise. Is there anything more beautiful than that? Is there anything more interesting and fascinating than our natural world? Do we need to continue in this never-ending quest of trying to “perfect” or “enhance” our world through technology? TRON says no; just stop for a second and realize that your quest for the next big thing is nothing compared to everything you’ve had all along, you just haven’t bothered to really see it.

Gogo said I could be reading too much into it, but he also suggested I post this. So there you go. Definitely watch the movie, maybe you’ll see what I’m talking about.

One Response to “TRON’s Legacy and its 4 Messages to Mankind”
  • greggcarson says:

    I thought tron was pretty average, it looked cool in 3d but there was points where I was a bit bored or hoping that it would pick up a bit.

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