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Archive for February, 2011

I fucking hate people that wear caps indoors

Simple as that. I fucking hate them. And most of the time they turn out to be either assholes or complete fucking morons. This is 100% accurate. Want to identify the asshole/moron at your next gathering? Look for the dipshit wearing the cap.

The hat, cap or whatever other device worn on the head to protect your face from the sun is a utilitarian one. I’m not saying they can’t be aesthetically pleasing, but you never do see some dude wearing his motorcycle helmet to frat parties. And you will never catch me with my fucking hard hat on at Wacken. Although if I put some horns on that shit that would be kinda cool. Construction Viking? Think about it. They had to build ships and shit.

Back to the point: I hate these bastards. Fucking caps are now a fashion accessory. It’s even worse when they wear them at night. Indoors. THERE’S NO SUN MOTHERFUCKER TAKE IT OFF! “nah bro is cool ma caps is dope”.

Everytime you wear a cap indoors, or at night, or both, a homeless child in Nicaragua gets skin cancer in the face by the relentless third world sun. He wishes he had a cap. Because he needs one. Not just to put it on his head because it “looks cool”.


Rotten Sound Pays Tribute to the Olympics?

The band has just debuted the video for “Hollow”, from the upcoming album ”Cursed”.

It’s certainly entertaining, with legions of cheeseburgers doing that choreographed drumming the chinese like so much. And participating in a variety of olympic sports. I’m sure there some overstated hippy message about consumerism or some shit, but the song does make me want to rawk.

The album comes out on March 15th.

Bringing home the gold.

Destroyer 666 Off North American Tour

Due to a torn ACL Destroyer’s K.K. Warslut will be going into surgery and they have dropped off the Destruction tour starting in April. Bay Area thrash band Heathen has been announced as their replacement.

DESTRUCTION wishes Keith a safe and quick recovery!  In the meantime, we are really happy to announce their old friends HEATHEN as a replacement for Deströyer 666!  These Bay Area thrashers are one of my favorite thrash bands of all time and we will be sharing the European stages with them in some weeks on the Killfest tour.  It’s fantastic to have an opportunity to tour with old friends on both sides of the globe! German & Bay Area Thrash together on tour – how much more kick-ass can it get?!  I can’t wait to hit the road again now, hope to see you all out there!

Free Metal From Argentina

Argentinian Folk Metal band DOLMEN have made their debut release, Anhelos Ancestrales, available as a free download through their label, ANCESTRAL TUNES.

The album is a fairly refreshing folk metal with some prog elements and some light synth work. The female vocalists voice is beautiful and since everything is in Spanish, I can pretend she’s singing about having sex with me. It’s free and certainly worthy of a download.

Get it here


Moonsorrow with a New Album!

Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa

Moonsorrow is back, thank the earth and sky. The album is dubbed, true to the band’s grey lyricism, Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa (As Shadows We Wander In The Land Of The Dead), and it’s to be released on the 21st of February. The album will have seven tracks, four long, three short (i.e. long short long Inflatable Pub For Sale short long short long) – a cool recasting of the short ‘intro track’ (which has so far been an institution in Moonsorrow’s music) as the ‘interlude track’.

The preview is exciting. There is a real vitality to be heard here, which is welcome in a genre which currently lacks strength. Expect a full review when its released.

For now, listen at their myspace.

Metalscape Never Dies

Some of you may have seen my fantastic Metalscape lettering above my Nicaraguan Podcasting Setup, but for those of you who havent,


Metalscape lives on. Expect some new content by the end of the week.

Nergal Hospitalized AGAIN!

So after that bone marrow transplant back in December, everybody’s favorite polack got himself into some trouble again. He has developed an infection, whose danger is heightened because of his reduced immune system.

Dr. Maria Bieniaszewska wasted no time in selling ‘ol Adam Darski out stating, "The patient was taken to hospital again because he did not take care of himself."

Come on buddy, we can’t help you if you don’t help yourself.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!