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Hearing Calibration

About to start mixing the new episode. It’s been a while, I’m getting my ears’ volume/frequency adjusted while I download Zach’s files listening to some tracks first. This ocurred to me while checking my own recording; It sounded way too quiet so I immediately thought I would need to do some moderate-to-hard compression on my end, but then since I mix the podcast for headphones BECAUSE THAT IS HOW YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO METALSCAPE YOU UNTR00 FVCKS I also thought my hearing wouldn’t be used to the acoustics inside a headphone piece, so I listened to something else.

I wanted to listen to Symphony X since they’re my favorite metal band still to this day, so I did. Turned out to be a great first track. A swift, sweet “neoclassic” melody on synths kicks it off to a fantastic galloping riffage, showing that the Jersey shore’s European descent is at least musically possible. Good thing too the production is old and, sadly in every case for SX, kinda shitty. I mean, I haven’t heard the new album, but the rest of them sound kinda like ass dudes. The music is fucking amazing, but it could’ve used some more studio love.

Anyway, it’s a good thing because nothing is overly compressed, no kick drums are being triggered, there’s not many layering or messing around with the singer’s voice and just overall not much fiddling from one end to the other. Just simple, meat and potatoes, rice and beans (that’s for my boys in Nicaragua) metal track. Kinda like the magic that is the sound of Windir’s “Arntor”. That is a hauntingly beautiful sounding album. So, Symphony X’s “Masquerade”:

Now it’s time for some stretching, so cue Dvorak’s “From The New World”. Episode 137 will be available tomorrow!

I can’t wait.

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