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Metalscape – Episode 139

ITE: Immortal Cookies, $50 spending spree, Nicaragua driving, roof leakage, news, Ron static, deviant fart, My Little Pony, I’m not a fag, I’m just a Power Puff Girls Connoiseur, “I don’t particularly care for the children”, Zach Moore: Flight Attendant, Comics, Wintersun and the Cool Part.

Dead Kennedys – Let’s Lynch the Landlord
Gotan Project – Rayuela
Judas Priest – Painkiller
Keelhaul – Pass the Lampshade
Vektor – Cosmic Cortex

5 Responses to “Metalscape – Episode 139”
  • Vindsvelle says:

    Especially alongside competition of MetalCast’s caliber, Metalscape is an unlistenably poor podcast. Its hosts’ witless, discursive meanderings are so tedious and the songs themselves so few-and-far-between, one cannot slap Unsubscribe fast enough. If you’ve ever overheard supremely uninteresting and humorless conversations between baked junior college dropouts slouched in a Denny’s, you’ve heard this podcast.

  • Zach says:

    Hey! Only one of us is a junior college dropout, so nyah.

  • Wesley says:

    I love the podcasts, honestly. I loved them, and their humor. There just needs to be more of them!

  • Rain says:

    I love your podcast!! Listened to all of the episodes, few times already<3 Would love if you guys bring more of the awesomeness for the fanst =)

  • Madeline says:

    Can you guys please make new episode? Missing your strange conversations.Loved everything so far ^_^

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