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This is not Over

Metalscape never dies. So goes the old saying, and who are you to question the old saying?

I’m halfway settled in my new place, so I’ll share a picture of my new recording studio:
I’ve yet to hang the Metalscape lettering on a wall, and sadly I can’t really call it the Wordless Chamber 3.0 since I share this room with my roomate, but it is now a fully operational podcast recording facility.

I was having some technical difficulties with my computer that prevented me from recording, but now I fixed all of that shit (smooth sailing on Windows 8) and all I need now is a decent pair of headphones. If anyone wants to donate one, feel free to do so.

Expect a new episode soon enough, for this is the year Metalscape shall gloriously rise from darkness, leap across millions of karads of empty space, and come into being inside your headphones for your listening pleasure.

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