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Metalscape Episode CXL

ITE: Cobwebs, How bass drops shaped the entertainment industry, Pitbull, Ron’s underground business, Zach’s gypsy undertakings and travellings, “Ï love banging bitches!”, Wintersun’s Time I, Smoking, Game of Cocks, Vikings, The Metalscapalooza, Opeth says fuck you to all previous members, “Someone somewhere’s living off Metalscape”, please stop.

Metalscape never dies!

Finntroll – Häxbrygd
Wintersun – Darkness And Frost
Igorrr – Tout Petit Moineau
Valravn – Olavur Riddararos
Opeth – I Feel the Dark

Igorr – Infinite Loop (excerpt)

Music Bed
Blockhead – The Music Scene
Dabrye – Instrmntl

3 Responses to “Metalscape Episode CXL”
  • Gogo says:

    hell yea!

  • h says:

    Well, fuck. This is rather depressing.
    Zach is homeless with a dead dog and bad family relations. Ron has an illegal business in a murderous neighborhood and steals from his dad, whose own business is in the toilet. Nobody buys shirts except the hosts themselves.

    Metalscape is full of darkness and frost.

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