What is Metalscape?

Metalscape is a metal podcast. The Greatest Metal Podcast of All Time to be precise. It is the brainchild of Zach Moore and Ronald Calero; Like-minded metalheads who, disgusted at the then current metal podcast offerings that either didn’t play anything decent or were just simply marketing ploys for nübs, decided to make their own podcast.

Each episode is roughly about 2 hours long and is chock-full of news, tour info, reviews, shit talk and of course, the best metal music on the planet.

So, how exactly did Metalscape come to be?

Well, it’s actually a pretty long story that goes back a couple of years, back when Zach and Ron actually met, but for the sake of the limited space I got here I’ll give you the short version.

Turns out Zach got himself a sweet video iPod (in black of course) which he began to load with lots of music and porn. Then he logged on to the iTunes music store and began looking for a metal podcast to suit his style. He downloaded a couple but soon realized they all sucked. He wasn’t happy with this, so he sat there in front of the computer for a while and then came up with the idea: “I’ll do my own podcast”.

So then he hit up Ron with an instant message and he was like: “Dude, let’s make a podcast!”, and Ron was like: “k”. The next day Zach recorded a pilot episode and sent it to Ron, who liked it a lot and got all excited about the idea. Soon after the first episode was recorded and put online. Then came the forums. Then came episode 2, which was a great improvement since Zach and Ron started to get more confortable and started developing the awesome shit talk the show is now famous for. Soon after the show was finally put up on the iTunes music store for all those iPod lovers to subscribe to and it’s been kicking every other podcast’s ass ever since.pdd


Zach Moore
News, Format Director,
Professional podcast introductions.

Likes: Dogs, underage chicks, Manowar.

Dislikes: Change, wooden dashboards, Nicaragua.

Wise beyond his years and owner of a beautiful long mane of hair, Zach is the voice of reason and logic in Metalscape. He’s currently working as  a manager in an undisclosed place of business.


Ronald Calero
Producer, creative director,

Likes: Porn, photoshop, big monitors.

Dislikes: Everything else.

An illegal immigrant in the US and self-proclaimed awesome dude, Ron is currently studying to become the greatest construction guy in the world.



News, video embedding, resident female.

Likes: Poland, art, zombies.

Dislikes: Showers, Nightwish, your mom.

The original Metalscape News Anchor, and only known female listener, makes her unprecedented return after not really having much else to do.


News, Stargate trivia, nerd talk.

Likes: ?

Dislikes: ?

Not much is known about the mysterious gogo. It is believed that he lives somewhere in the frozen lands of Sweden and that he likes computers, but aside from that he might as well be a yeti.


Reviews, pronunciation expertise,
thought-provoking posting.

Likes: Accordions, philosophy, Scotland.

Dislikes: Grind, opposing ideas, hair cuts.

Currently an Ultimate Metal review writer, TheTechnogoat firmly believes that toilet design is the source of all human ideology.



Hygiene tips, racism awareness, guitar hero expert.

Likes: “Pussy”, food, steroids.

Dislikes: Metalscape.

Although widely suspected of being an alien reptilian shape shifter overlord, Chepe is actually a charming young gorilla. He spends most of his day eating and cleaning himself, desperately waiting for his chance to be on Metalscape.