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Wintersun’s “Time I” actual album cover!

I hope you have a spare computer and monitor ready because this cover art right here will start a chain reaction that starts in the CPU and ends up inside your brain blowing up your mind. Unless someone links me to a picture of Jesus sticking massive amounts of Higg’s bosons up his ass while playing UNO with the Chupacabra, I declare this the greatest image of all TIME I:

Did you see that shit?! Holy fuck I think I even came a little.

Reaper went from awkward-looking-bordering-on-unfuckable to holy shit I want that right now in my pants

I mean look at it:

Hearing Calibration

About to start mixing the new episode. It’s been a while, I’m getting my ears’ volume/frequency adjusted while I download Zach’s files listening to some tracks first. This ocurred to me while checking my own recording; It sounded way too quiet so I immediately thought I would need to do some moderate-to-hard compression on my end, but then since I mix the podcast for headphones BECAUSE THAT IS HOW YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO METALSCAPE YOU UNTR00 FVCKS I also thought my hearing wouldn’t be used to the acoustics inside a headphone piece, so I listened to something else.

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Vice Mag Posts Awesome New Thrash List

The guys over at Vice Magazine have posted another excellent thrash playlist with lot’s of ’80s thrash goodness.

Entitled “Thrashing Rage Vol. II” it features Sabbat, Heathen, Znöwhite, Sadus and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Download it for free here.

Free Metal From Argentina

Argentinian Folk Metal band DOLMEN have made their debut release, Anhelos Ancestrales, available as a free download through their label, ANCESTRAL TUNES.

The album is a fairly refreshing folk metal with some prog elements and some light synth work. The female vocalists voice is beautiful and since everything is in Spanish, I can pretend she’s singing about having sex with me. It’s free and certainly worthy of a download.

Get it here


Moonsorrow with a New Album!

Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa

Moonsorrow is back, thank the earth and sky. The album is dubbed, true to the band’s grey lyricism, Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa (As Shadows We Wander In The Land Of The Dead), and it’s to be released on the 21st of February. The album will have seven tracks, four long, three short (i.e. long short long Inflatable Pub For Sale short long short long) – a cool recasting of the short ‘intro track’ (which has so far been an institution in Moonsorrow’s music) as the ‘interlude track’.

The preview is exciting. There is a real vitality to be heard here, which is welcome in a genre which currently lacks strength. Expect a full review when its released.

For now, listen at their myspace.

TRON’s Legacy and its 4 Messages to Mankind

I’ve always loved the concept behind Tron. The idea of a man being able to go inside a computer program is beyond incredible in any geek’s most romantic of fantasies. The problem with it is that when they tried to make a movie out of it in the 80s, technology back then wasn’t so kind to imaginative minds (although you could argue that George Lucas did a lot more with it, and he did it back in the 70s). That is why this new Tron movie had me excited; because with today’s crazy CG shit the world of the Grid could be realized to its full potential. I went to see this yesterday to dazzle at the on-screen fireworks, but I was amazingly surprised to everything else that is in this movie.
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2010 Request Challenge is still on!

Don’t believe me? Check out the art that will emblazon the prize shirt:

We’ll be picking the participating entries in an upcoming episode near you. You can probably slice the tension in the air with an Emerald Sword.

I’m hilarious.

About the Contest

Please submit only one song.

Also, I will not be listening to any of the songs prior to the show. We will have an episode before the Request Challenge to select the 8 entries live on the program.

Thanks for entering!

The Metalscape Request Challenge

Over here at Metalscape, The Greatest Metal Podcast of all Time, we like to entertain the idea of listeners actually requesting songs to be played on the show by actually playing them (from time to time). Now if we were at all serious about this program, we would not allow requests at all.

Well why the fuck not? For starters, if are, as we claim to be, the best metal podcast out there, we shouldn’t rely on our listeners to make up our playlist. Seems both lazy and un-professional. But the biggest reason against playing requests is that 90% of the time we simply do not like the music being requested. Simple as that. Yeah I know you love your favorite band and they’re awesome and everything but guess what? I hate them. And I hate you.

But now we’re giving you the opportunity to show us different.
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7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!