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Archive for the ‘Metal News’ Category

Vice Mag Posts Awesome New Thrash List

The guys over at Vice Magazine have posted another excellent thrash playlist with lot’s of ’80s thrash goodness.

Entitled “Thrashing Rage Vol. II” it features Sabbat, Heathen, Znöwhite, Sadus and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Download it for free here.

Rotten Sound Pays Tribute to the Olympics?

The band has just debuted the video for “Hollow”, from the upcoming album ”Cursed”.

It’s certainly entertaining, with legions of cheeseburgers doing that choreographed drumming the chinese like so much. And participating in a variety of olympic sports. I’m sure there some overstated hippy message about consumerism or some shit, but the song does make me want to rawk.

The album comes out on March 15th.

Bringing home the gold.

Destroyer 666 Off North American Tour

Due to a torn ACL Destroyer’s K.K. Warslut will be going into surgery and they have dropped off the Destruction tour starting in April. Bay Area thrash band Heathen has been announced as their replacement.

DESTRUCTION wishes Keith a safe and quick recovery!  In the meantime, we are really happy to announce their old friends HEATHEN as a replacement for Deströyer 666!  These Bay Area thrashers are one of my favorite thrash bands of all time and we will be sharing the European stages with them in some weeks on the Killfest tour.  It’s fantastic to have an opportunity to tour with old friends on both sides of the globe! German & Bay Area Thrash together on tour – how much more kick-ass can it get?!  I can’t wait to hit the road again now, hope to see you all out there!

Nergal Hospitalized AGAIN!

So after that bone marrow transplant back in December, everybody’s favorite polack got himself into some trouble again. He has developed an infection, whose danger is heightened because of his reduced immune system.

Dr. Maria Bieniaszewska wasted no time in selling ‘ol Adam Darski out stating, "The patient was taken to hospital again because he did not take care of himself."

Come on buddy, we can’t help you if you don’t help yourself.

Devin Townsend: Deconstrupdate 1

Devin “I can’t seem to post shit online fast enough” Townsend has now posted the first video documenting the recording process of the third album in his planned “Devin Townsend Project” 4-album series, titled “Deconstruction”. Here it is:

Very entertaining watch as usual, and it should come as no surprise since for the past year or so, Mr. Townsend has honed his internet media skills by posting anything and everything that crosses his mind on twitter, Facebook, youtube and maybe even MySpace.

Seriously, I can’t think of a single day when I don’t get a fresh new update from The Dev regarding his meals, movie watching experiences or spiritual enlightenment. Maybe he should cut that back a little and try to focus on the actual music, because honestly, its been kinda whack as of late.

Ever since he started releasing these preview videos containing actual song bits or demos, the music in them sounds pretty cool. Then the album comes out and you realize all the cool parts were in that preview. Not cool. And now this new video comes out with the same song bits and stuff, but without the cool. There isn’t a single riff/melody/sound on this video that I could qualify as “good”. Not even “interesting”. Is this a sign of worse things to come? Because I was promised the heaviest metal album of all time, not some rehashed “Addicted” album with a different drummer and a faster tempo.

Let’s hope I’m wrong, but as of right now, I’m officially not excited for “Deconstruction” anymore. Maybe “Ghost” will be good? I don’t know. In the meantime, I’ll go check my twitter, which is more than likely overtaken with what I like to call “Devin Townsend’s Mind Farts”.

Hostile Cell, The Newest Nicaraguan Metal Sensation

I’ve never listened to the band, but they probably suck. They’re pissed off about some bad review that they got blah blah blah. But they are bragging about getting lot’s of airplay on Nicaraguan radio. Ron has never even mention radio stations existing in Nicaragua, I think someone is pulling their leg.

I’ll post the whole comment here for funsies, it’s mildly entertaining.

"Hey everyone, Hostile Cell has been getting airplay on national radio in Nicaragua! Very exciting indeed. In other news I just want to bash the idiot who reviewed the Deafening in Sweden Rock magazine. Look, if you don’t like the genre, give the CD to someone who cares about it or why don’t you just go fuck yourself.

"You gave the album 3 out of 10 and compared us with, in your own words, ‘such uninteresting bands as Sonic Syndicate and Dead by April.’ They may be uninteresting to your cave dwelling, underground shit taste, but that’s what a lot of people like right now. That just proves how fucking stupid and unprofessional you are. I can take a bad review, if it’s got some real content. You’re writing that you can’t stand pop with growl and metal riffs. Well don’t review the album then you fucking idiot.

"They should ban you from reviewing another band, especially a small band that unfortunately is dependent on the reviews of such magazines. So, Simon Lundh, my review of your opinions is zip out of 100. Go fuck yourself."

Dødheimsgard is Working on a Secret New Project

And they want YOU!… to join in on the fun.

They are looking for fans to send in pictures, videos, or flyers of the band, send them to <deleted>.

Read their full announcement after the break.

Read the rest of this entry »

Dropping Like Flies – Dream Theater’s James LaBrie

Did I get ya? James LaBrie has announced a tour for his solo album “Static Impulse”. He hasn’t said anything yet, but I think he’s testing the waters. It’s only a matter of time until he portnoys out. Lulz. That joke’s funny because I’m a comic now, haven’t you heard?

Ghost – Part 1

Checked my twitter today and saw that Mr. Townsend had posted this awesome video up. I hadn’t heard anything from “Ghost” ’till now, and man does it sound good.

Moonsorrow puts it to Tape Today

Legendary folk metal outfit Moonsorrow will be starting to record their next full release album today, September 2nd, at some undisclosed studio in Finland. According to a blog post on their MySpace, “This stuff is Cold, Heavy and Crushing.” They’re aiming for a February 2011 release date.

They also made a separate blog site in which they’ll be posting studio diary updates, in case you’re interested in following that sort of shenanigans. According to that site, they’re going for an organic feel on this one, no “silicon implanted/software manipulated modern day metal sound” bullshit. They’re even recording their tracks on tape! Sadly, all of that will go to shit when the 90% of people who listen to them end up downloading it digitally anyway. But I guess it will make up for an excellent sounding vinyl record for those who like to keep it old school.

Hopefully the album will not be comprised of a single 80 minute long song with a 20 minute intro composed of squirrel sound samples. Although that would be awesome actually. If anything to annoy Zach.

“V: Havitetty” was a decent album, but not a great one like their previous stuff. Maybe they’ll surprise me with this one. Maybe.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!