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Why is toner so expensive?

Yesterday I fulfilled an old and almost forgotten desire of mine: To own a color laser printer.

I remember the first time I used a printer. A real printer, none of that dot matrix bullshit. It was some sort of cheap inkjet, but the idea that the things you saw on your computer monitor could be printed out (into the real world), fascinated me. Soon after I got myself my very own cheap inkjet and started printing my world. From my head, to my computer, to paper. You might think of this is a little small in terms of transforming ideas into tangible objects (“hey Ron, why didn’t you pick up sculpting asshole?”) but I’ve always been a fan of two dimensional color imaging.

It was in elementary school, back when I didn’t give a shit about anything, that this chick in my class presented a paper for some class with some graphics in it. She let me take a look at it and when I saw the pictures they struck me as odd. They were not blurry or wet looking (the result of inkjet) but instead looked like they had simply appeared into the paper, with beautiful color and sharpness. I then demanded to know what sorcery was this and she said her father owned a color laser printer. I immediately imagined a dark room where a sheet of paper suspended in mid-air was shot at by various colored laser beams until the resulting image was etched into the paper with deadly precision and gorgeous hues (which is not that far away from reality if you think about it).

Anyway, that was a little over 16 years ago and I have never forgotten that magic moment. Since then I’ve owned my share of inkjets. Good, reasonable printers, but no laser magic. And what is life without magic? I’ll tell you what it is; It’s blurry and wet looking. Until now.
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Sued for helping others?

The US Copyright Group has sued Graham Syfert, an attorney that created a packet of self-representation paperwork for individuals sued for P2P sharing of certain movies and moved to have sanctions placed against the defense attorney. Syfert sells these packets for $20, and the USCG claims the 19 individuals that have used it have cost them over $5000.

So you can get sued for helping people win court battles? I wonder when the copyright holding leeches are going to do some actual work and stop clinging to their outdated Business-model.

Zach’s Stand-Up

So as you may have heard in episode 131, Zach said he was going to try doing stand-up comedy for the first time, here are the results of that endeavor.

Van Canto: ahahahahahhahahahahah

This band is so ridiculous it borders on genius. No wait, they’re just ridiculous:

Windows – Episode VII

Last week, while using Google Image search to complete the album art on some of the songs in my library (so they would look pretty when transferred to my sexy ass iPod Touch), I caught a computer virus. Caught it bad.

I ran my usual antivirus/malware software but it seems it just wasn’t enough. I got some new ones but that didn’t help much either; Windows XP was at its last stand. It’s been around 3 years since I built this machine, and in that time I have never once formatted it. Sure it’s gotten its fair share of System Restores, but not a single clean-start-OS-do-over format. I do think that Windows machines require a format every once in a while, because no matter how secure you think your system is, there’s always nasty crap hiding under the hood piling up. I was going to format my computer when Vista came out, but since it turned out to be shit in software form, I refrained. But then Microsoft realized this was a big problem for me, so they decided to rework the craptacular garbage they called an OS into something that was actually good: Windows 7.

I got my shiny new (and genuine) OEM 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium copy in the mail today, courtesy of Newegg, and began installing as soon as I got it out of the package. And it was beautiful.

Not only is it faster and better looking than XP, but the new stuff they’ve added is actually useful. The single best thing about it is the new taskbar. Whereas before it was just a long ass strip of blue sitting at the bottom of your screen, now it’s the place from where you can control absolutely everything that is on your screen. Quick Launch, application windows, shortcuts, context menus, system settings; everything is here. Fuck the Dock, I’m not in a fucking marina. Also, the new Library system for managing your files is fucking sweet.

I could still do without the excessive window shadowing effect, but that’s really the only gripe I have with it so far. Sweetness in a can indeed.

Zach’s Birthday

As you may all not know, tomorrow is our very own Zachary’s birthday. I think he will be turning 21 or some ridiculously young crap age.

For some reason (and this has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a bitter old man trapped inside the body of a young and vibrant food connoisseur), he hates his birthday. So it is for this very same reason that I urge you to go out of your way and congratulate him as much as possible. He deserves it.

You can post as much as you want in this thread, where the pre-Birthday celebration has now officially started, you can also comment on this post if you’re reading it on the blog, you can post on his Facebook (if you don’t have him as a friend yet I dunno what the fuck you’re waiting for), you can find him on Twitter @zachms and you can even message him on Xbox Live if you feel so inclined (GT: Geirvaldr). Shit, I would give you guys his phone number, but that’d be crossing the line.

Anyway, I’ll start: Happy Birthday Zach!

I’m off to lose 10 pounds in 3 days. lolwut?

So as some of you may know, I’m hoping to get into the Air Force. In a recent meeting I found out I’m pretty much good to go, I need to lose about 10 pounds however. (Not too bad for me being such a food connoisseur).

My recruiter gave me a special diet, to supposedly lose about 10 pounds in 3 days. Sounds crazy, well it is. You can only do this thing for three days at a time, then you have to go back to normal, healthy, eating for 4 days. Otherwise you WILL “fuck your shit up”. That’s a quote.

Today was my first day, I don’t feel any lighter yet, and if I’m supposed to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, I should start noticing this shit tomorrow morning.

I was allowed to eat 1/2 a grapefruit for breakfast accompanied with a piece of toast and a tablespoon of peanut butter. For lunch 1/2 a cup of tuna, dry tuna, none of that pussy mayonnaise.

Dinner however was much more significant, I was allowed 3oz of chicken, 2 cups of green beans (which I fucking love anyway), and a cup of beets. I had never eaten beets before, but I think I’m going to start. They are supposedly stupid good for you and yet they taste like absolutely nothing, I could easily have a serving of these with every meal and not even notice.

I even get dessert, consisting of an apple and a cup of vanilla ice cream. Yeah that’s right, my diet REQUIRES me to eat ice cream EVERY FUCKING DAY. It’s so awesome.

It the time between breakfast and lunch was pretty hard, but I think I can get used to it, and the meals change everyday so it’s a little harder to get bored with it. Tomorrow will be the real test, I start the day off with a hard boiled egg and some more toast. I then need to keep my energy up through the KORPIKLAANI and TYR show, with only a piddly lunch. Followed by another awesome dinner with ICE CREAM FUCK YEAH.

So I’ll be sure to update tomorrow with how that went along with the show recap. Wish me luck, but if I can’t do this for three days then there truly is no hope.

I, Touch

I recently received a handsome influx of money as payment for some services I will be rendering, details of which I will only be discussing in the next Metalscape episode, and I have used part of it for this one purchase: My new iPod Touch.

I was already growing bored with my old ass iPod; its weary and scratched face sadly looking back at me every time I grabbed it as if it was trying to tell me something (“Kill me please”?). It’s been 4 beautiful years filled with musical enjoyment, but I feel it is now necessary to move on. I believe I will be retiring ol’ Fred with the record of longest surviving iPod in the Metalscape community, since everyone in the forums that’s had an iPod has reported a malfunction of it at some point before today. If you can prove otherwise I’d like to hear it.

I was waiting for Apple to release a 60 something GB version of the touch as I deemed 30 GBs was simply not enough. And while I probably should’ve waited a little longer until they release a 120 GB version, having the money burning a hole in your pocket to make the purchase immediately is a very hard thing to resist. So 64 GBs it was.

While my hatred for Apple and all their god damned brainless minions is very well known, I will admit that their line of iPod portable music players is a rather fine accomplishment. This here iPod Touch is friggin’ awesome. Just the gorgeous screen alone is worthy enough to deserve my praise. As I was telling Zachary earlier this week, “It’s like an oasis of pixels amidst my barren, analog life”. And then you have the wi-fi connectivity and the apps which both combined provide an incredibly vast range of content. It’s safe to say that I’m pretty happy with it.

I have of course jailbroken it already and I’m enjoying all the benefits the hack brings. I got Christina as my background in lieu of the usual black and I even designed my own icons to use on the dock (they’re smaller and less intrusive, which allow me to have more screen real estate to drool at). So yeah, I know some of you in the Horde have Touches, so if you have any app recommendations or any other tips, feel free to share.

Top Gear: Murano

Top Gear reviews the greatest car of history:

The Greatest Television Show in History


That’s what you call Top Gear. There has never been a show about anything in the way that this show is about cars. Hell, you may not even like cars, but with Jeremy Clarkson and company setting up all their fantastically awesome segments, that doesn’t really matter. Where else can you watch a Bugatti Veyron race an Eurofighter Typhoon jet fighter? Yeah, that’s what I though.

I used to watch it whenever I might happen to catch it on BBC when I was back in Nicaragua, but ever since I moved here for school I never really watched it ever again. But now, browsing for something to watch on Netflix in this my all-nighter, I found that they have entire seasons, seasons, available for watching instantly online.

Fuck yes.

If you’ve never watched Top Gear, you should. And if you do and after that you don’t think it’s the greatest thing that has ever been on TV, you’re dumb.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!