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Most Metal Phone App You Will Ever See

As I mentioned the other day, there is a Metal Archives Android app in development. However you probably weren’t able to get into the beta, and that’s because the app was already on it’s way to the marketplace by the time we picked up on the story. It is not officially available.

The app is extremely slick and responsive. The simple UI allows you to search via Band, Album, or Song. And gives you access to all the bands information which is available on the archives. Including reviews if you find yourself at a record shop with an unknown band that caught your eye. It’s also great for settling debates between your friends.

My favorite feature however is the ability to show lyrics, this comes in handy since I have the voice of an angel, but the memory of a carrot.

RIght now the app is strictly for consuming information. It doesn’t offer a way to edit the archives or submit that band you just met at Guitar Center. But who knows, maybe that’s coming, as long as it doesn’t complicate things.

Screenshots after the jump…

Metal Archives Android Application

Everyones favorite Heavy Metal site (besides Metalscape of course), Metal Archives, could soon have it’s very own Android application.

The application is being developed by a fan of the site and is not directly supported by the site, so don’t go asking them any technical questions. But they do support his efforts.

Beta testers are currently needed for the application, if you’re interested fill out this form if you’d like to participate.

As a proud owner of a new Nexus One, I thoroughly support this idea. Man, my new phone just keeps getting better and better.

Pirate Bay to Begin Charging Users

Global Gaming Factory (The company which recently bought the infamous tracker) has announced that they will begin a subscription based model in the near future.

They say that revenue from subscription fees and ad-revenue (wait, I get to pay a fee and still get a bunch of porn ads? SWEET!) will be used to pay off copyright holders. They also say that users who contribute more of their bandwidth to seeding will receive reduced fees (even free).

Now I’m not exactly opposed to file sharing, but I do have a problem when these companies accept money claiming to support copyright holders but in reality, they don’t. I hope that this doesn’t turn out like another AllOfMP3, I used that service big time and I knew it was too good to be true.

Although to be honest, I have a bit more faith in the swedish than I do in those damn ruskis.

How To: Access Spotify from anywhere

Do you ever feel a little down when there’s a new music service that’s sweeping just about every nation except yours? Spotify is a service that allows you to listen to a HUGE library of full songs for free. And it’s totally legal. Of course if you want to download those songs you’ll have to pay, but while you’re at your desk, it’s like having the worlds largest music library.

It’s very easy to do this, and yet I couldn’t find any easy tutorials using google, it’s really just three steps.

1. Access Spotify ( using a proxy server located in one of the supported countries.

As of this writing was working. If you have other working suggestions please tell me in the comments.

2. Sign up for an account through the proxy.

After you sign up, proxify will tell you that you have to sign up in order to download the file, if you used something like FoxyProxy, the download will probably be really slow, so don’t do it.

3. Download the program directly and install.

Spotify doesn’t seem to care what country you’re in if you’re just downloading the client, so outside of the proxy access the spotify download through one of these links.



I forgot there is actually a fourth step. This is VERY important, not doing this will keep you from using spotify.

4. Log In and start listening.

I’ve been playing with this recently and am really enjoying it, there Metal selection is quite wide including the full Windir discography and a selection from slightly more “underground” bands like Xasthur. While I didn’t fine any Thorazine or Mucus Membrane, I’m sure they’re working on it.

Nine inch nails iPhone application approved by Apple

So for a while now, theres been a conflict between the nine inch nails Trent Reznor and Apple, about the new (rejected) application for the iPhone that allows you to log onto the site and access music, pictures and other stuff, but it also has a GPS wich allows you to locate other users and chat with them. The reason given by Apple is that the song “The Downward Spiral” contained explicit lyrics wich they didnt like.

But now it seems that apple has turned around and approved the application. It is available through apple app store for free

Trent Reznor

This whole deal is really retarded. simulating shaking a baby is ok, but not listening to some crappy song with horrible lyrics?

on another note, I apologize for messing up the previous post. The application i was referring to before was tap tap 2. This game is a guitar hero ripoff for the iPhone, (featuring NIN songs).

Pirate Bay loses first hearing in File Sharing Trial

manifesta 3 Years after their server farm was raided, the first verdict was finally announced. But those crazy swedes refuse to go down and have already appealed. They are refusing to accept donations because they truly believe that they won’t have to pay any fines. They did leave this statement though.

If you really want to help out, here is a list:
* Seed those torrents a little bit more than you usually do!
* Buy a t-shirt and show the world where your sympathy is.
* If you live in Europe, vote in the election for the EU parliament in June.
* Continue to build the internets! Start more bittorrent sites, blog more, start your own lobby group, create, remix, mash up and continue to grow more heads on this amazing hydra that we know as the internets!
* Do not be afraid of using the network. Invite your friends to this and other file sharing systems. Calm people down if they’re upset. We need to stay united.

And say it loud say it proud! We are all The Pirate Bay!

Amazon doing variable pricing as well

Fuck me, my preferred mp3 store has followed the same route as Apple. The pricing hasn’t affected anything I’ve bought so far. But when it does… I’ll shut up and pay whatever they ask me to.

iTunes implements tiered pricing

We knew it was coming, Apple has finally introduced a tiered pricing scheme for songs in iTunes.

Basically, more popular songs will cost $1.29 and less popular songs will cost $0.69. The majority of music will stay at the standard $0.99 price point.

This probably won’t affect the majority of people visiting this site, and I haven’t seen a single song priced at $0.69 so it’s all the more reason to use Amazon’s MP3 Service. Where songs can often be found for less than $0.99 and are never more than that. Songs from Amazon are also easily imported into any media player using their excellent software.

But better yet, support your local record store and enjoy the perks of a fully packaged disk.

A look at Rockbox

This “Open Source Jukebox Firmware” has come a long way.

I became a fan of Rockbox a few years back when I decided to throw caution to the wind and Simple to use installer install this potentially device threatening software on my iPod.

It is a complete overhaul to your iPod interface, allowing you to play a multitude of filetypes from the deepest darkest corners of audio geekdom, as well as install a seemingly endless array of plugins. You can do anything from play Doom to convert USD to Euros.

It used to be that, to install the program, you had to do all kinds of magic in the Windows Command Prompt (Most of which I blindly copied out of the wiki with fingers crossed). But now install is through one simple utility, no muss no fuss. Although you can still do it manually, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Simple default menu Now be aware, this thing isn’t made to look pretty, the core software is pretty bland as you can see. But there are some themes for it that can make it look quit nice. Now the newest version came out just a couple days ago, so some of the better themes aren’t ported over yet, but you can see what’s currently available here.

The newest version even has a coverflow clone. I tell you, this aint your grandpa’s Rockbox. Looking at this is making me want to take the plunge again and abandon iTunes.

There’s the rub, if you aren’t into manually organizing your music collection, this probably isn’t for Coverflow? More like lulzverflow, amirite? you. It does have a database function that will organize  things for browsing on the device, but support for things like podcasts it pretty much all manual, this is what led me to move away from Rockbox in the first place.

It’s just as simple to revert back to the original firmware on your device though, and it does dualboot if you want to check it out.

So if you’ve got the balls, head on over the and give it a try.

TuneUp Your iTunes Library

An iTunes organizational plug-in that actually works? GTFO.

I randomly came across this tool while perusing the internet one day, and for some reason the ad caught my eye. Another tool that attempts to find all your missing artwork? Meh, I fully expected it to tag all my Borknagar as Bon Jovi, but I decided to give it a shot anyway . TuneUp cleaning screen

Excuse me while I shove my foot in my mouth.

After installing it I thought that something had gone wrong, where was the nag screen telling me my trial would expire? Or that all my album art would be replaced with the company logo if I didn’t pay up in 30 days?

I opened iTunes to an unexpected sight, a sleek, unobtrusive side panel waiting to be explored.

TuneUp will analyze your library and put any tracks it thinks need cleaning into a “Dirty” playlist. Simply start dragging songs (or groups of songs) over to the cleaning area, marked with a cute little bottle of windex. The program tells you what it thinks should happen to the tags and sorts the songs by artist and album to let you review changes that are going to be made.

I started using TuneUp on every album I added to my library and quickly used up my free 500 tags. However I don’t think 29.95 is too much to ask for this helpful piece of software. They also have a 19.95 yearly subscription, but I can’t quite see why you’d only want to use this for a year.

TuneUp Now PlayingThere is also a “Now Playing” feature which will show you some videos and news related to whatever artist is playing, kinda cool I guess, but really only works for more mainstream bands.

The concerts feature is nice, but it only gives you ticket links throughTuneUp Concerts Menu StubHub which is generally a rip off, as you can see in the screenshot, 55 dollars for the Lamb of God tickets? Also, using StubHub exclusively means if it’s not on there, you don’t see any tickets. NO KREATOR FOR JOO!

So overall I highly recommend this software, reading the current tags can be a bit slow at times, but not so much that it’s distracting, and the Concert and Now Playing sections aren’t always useful. But the meat of the program is solid and it works.

Get a free trial at When you decide to purchase, use the Promo Code: METALSCAPE to get a cool 15% off.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!