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Time: 5 years and still waiting

Well, I noticed that the official Metalscape “Wintersun Watch” timer is now gone a little over 5 years. That’s 5 years since Jari Maenpaa announced the sequel to his incredible debut album.

Over the last 5 years much has been said about this seemingly never to be released album. Some say it will be the greatest metal album ever created, some say it will suck, like everything else does nowadays. There are even those that dare say that Jari simply buckled under the pressure and actually stopped trying to record this disaster a few years ago, fled into Siberia with nothing in his pockets but snow and lint and now survives off of dead wolves. Actually, all of that stuff was said around 2 years after he announced the release, because after that, everyone stopped caring.

But not us! We, Metalscape, the last bastion for true metal on the internets, still soldier on. We’re here for you Jari, even if the latest we’ve heard from you is that you signed up for a Facebook account. Not the most encouraging of thoughts since Facebook is basically an internet procrastination tool, and also because it reminds me that the time it took Facebook to get started as a college student’s experiment, grow into popularity, explode into the worldwide scene, make that college student the youngest billionaire in the world and get its own movie was shorter than the time it’s taken you so far to record a music album.

Will we ever see the release of “Time”? Will I ever write another one of these articles about it or will there come a day when even I will stop caring? I guess only time will tell.

And now, HITLER:

It Takes Skill to Do a Good Pop Cover

I can get down with a Metal version of a pop song when done well. I can appreciate the irony and it doesn’t really bug me. I think the heavy metal I Kissed a Girl is particularly genius, and it stays on my iPod because I listen to it fairly regularly. I even enjoyed CoB Salad’s Oops! I Did It Again rendition.

However what I hate is when shitty bands try to copy the success of I Set My Friends on Fire, who practically launched a career off that one cover. They half ass some pop cover relying solely on irony to try and gain success. What they don’t realize is that it does actually take some thought to produce a good pop cover.
I know this discussion is burnt out and I’m a little late to the game, but today hearing an incredibly bad cover of Bad Romance just really boggled my mind as to how people don’t realize this.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!