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Archive for the ‘Site News’ Category

This is not Over

Metalscape never dies. So goes the old saying, and who are you to question the old saying?

I’m halfway settled in my new place, so I’ll share a picture of my new recording studio:
I’ve yet to hang the Metalscape lettering on a wall, and sadly I can’t really call it the Wordless Chamber 3.0 since I share this room with my roomate, but it is now a fully operational podcast recording facility.

I was having some technical difficulties with my computer that prevented me from recording, but now I fixed all of that shit (smooth sailing on Windows 8) and all I need now is a decent pair of headphones. If anyone wants to donate one, feel free to do so.

Expect a new episode soon enough, for this is the year Metalscape shall gloriously rise from darkness, leap across millions of karads of empty space, and come into being inside your headphones for your listening pleasure.

Metalscape Never Dies

Some of you may have seen my fantastic Metalscape lettering above my Nicaraguan Podcasting Setup, but for those of you who havent,


Metalscape lives on. Expect some new content by the end of the week.

Contact Us

I was browsing the site today and I realized that we haven’t given you any means of contacting us directly. So in the spirit of always being closer to our fans, I’ve added the Contact Us page so you have a handy reference to our e-mails and some guidelines on what to send us.


About the Contest

Please submit only one song.

Also, I will not be listening to any of the songs prior to the show. We will have an episode before the Request Challenge to select the 8 entries live on the program.

Thanks for entering!

The Metalscape Request Challenge

Over here at Metalscape, The Greatest Metal Podcast of all Time, we like to entertain the idea of listeners actually requesting songs to be played on the show by actually playing them (from time to time). Now if we were at all serious about this program, we would not allow requests at all.

Well why the fuck not? For starters, if are, as we claim to be, the best metal podcast out there, we shouldn’t rely on our listeners to make up our playlist. Seems both lazy and un-professional. But the biggest reason against playing requests is that 90% of the time we simply do not like the music being requested. Simple as that. Yeah I know you love your favorite band and they’re awesome and everything but guess what? I hate them. And I hate you.

But now we’re giving you the opportunity to show us different.
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The 2nd Annual Metalscape Awards

Even though it’s been like 3 years since the last one, Gregg the drunken Irishman, still believes he’s right on track. And so he’s posted a thread containing the rules and categories of the most prestigious award on the internet:

First off I need a better title.

Secondly I realised this hasn’t happened for like a over a year (surprising since we have only had like 20 episodes) so I decided to do it all over again, same rules as before unless I decide to change them.

I am accepting suggestions for categories aswell and this year I have a very special surprise for the winners.

Most Valuable Poster (MVP)
News Anchor
Grammar Award
Best Thread
Most Annoying
Best use of Images
Best Video Poster
Best Member Produced Music
Best Host
Most Improved Member
Most Missed member

U2U me a message with your vote

1.everyone gets 2 votes in each category (you can make 1 vote or not vote if you so choose) can’t vote for your self

Vote in the following format

Most Valuable Poster (MVP)- name1, name2
News Anchor- name1
Grammar Award- name1, name2
Best Thread- thread title1
Most Annoying- name1, name2
Best use of Images- name1, name2
Best Video Poster- name1
Best Member Produced Music- name1
Best Host – (one vote only) name1
Most Improved Member-name1
Most Missed member- name1, name2

If you’re interested in participating, you can go ahead and register on our forums. There is no defined cut-off date, so you can relax about that. If instead you only wish to vote, you can register on our forums as well, but I dunno who you’d be voting for since you wouldn’t know anyone there well enough to vote for them, but feel free.

Metal Facebook

If you haven’t already, become a fan of our Facebook page, which just recently got its direct URL.

You can find us at

Add us and you’ll receive notifications whenever live episodes are being recorded, new products are added to the shop or Modern Warfare 2 is being played.

Old Man Full Force Hate

Have you ever encountered a goddamn hippie in the wild and had no gangsta rap/bay references/Lady Gaga at hand to make him/her feel inadequate?

Well now you can avoid them altogether by warning them off with the official Zach Moore OMFFH Shirt:

Available now at the Metalscape Shop. BUY OR DIE!

Metalscape is under attack

You read that right guys. Metalscape, or more specifically, the Metalscape website is currently under attack by malware from sources unknown. If you’ve gotten alerts from your anti-virus software or have been redirected to some advertisement page in the last few days while browsing the site you know what I mean. We are not just standing here with our arms crossed waiting for utter destruction though, the Metalscape Site Emergency Response Task Force (MSERTF) is hard at work fighting the invasion. Zach is currently hard at work blaming me for everything, Gogo is currently hard at work not giving a fuck since his computer is so amazingly secure viruses are a non-issue to him and I’m currently hard at work writing this post in which no way will help fix the problem.

They say knowing is half the battle, and as such, I’ve begun to formulate some theories as to who may be behind these attacks. What? You thought this was just a random infection? The hell it is, there’s people who’ve been wanting to bring us down for years. But the question is who? Read on to find out just who may be involved in this…
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I’m not Fat; I am a Food Connoisseur

The legend is now a shirt:


7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!