Metalscape is part of a growing part of online media called podcasting. The idea is simple, the content creators (Metalscape in this case) supply what is called an “RSS Feed”. You simply use your program of choice to subscribe to this feed, and every new episode is automatically downloaded to your computer.

iTunes users

If you use iTunes, you are all set to go. iTunes has podcast functionality built right in and ready to work with all of apples products, including iPods. Simply click the iTunes link on the left and you’re good to go.

Zune Users

In the newest version of the Zune software Microsoft has added podcasting support, simply click this link or the Zune 1click button on the left and you are set to go.

Everyone else

Don’t worry, it’s still stupid easy to get podcasts delivered fresh to your PC whenever you want. If you have an application that supports podcasting (and there are many) already installed then just copy this link into your software.


Here is a list of software that easily supports podcasting. Most of them are Windows only with the exception of Amarok which is LINUX baby.