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Reaper went from awkward-looking-bordering-on-unfuckable to holy shit I want that right now in my pants

I mean look at it:


ITE: Metalscape returns in time for the End of the World, Golems, Dragons Evolve, Haircuts, Flight School, The magic of Facebook, 24 Hours in Cancun, gay songs, Adventures, Nordish Tunes. Also, we need money. Buy a shirt or donate a couple of thousand dollars.

Golem! – Train across Ukraine
Cynic – Amidst the Coals
Cynic – Carbon Based Anatomy
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
Justice – Ohio
Kraftwerk – Numbers (Live)
Gojira – Clone
Golem! – Warsaw is Khelm

There’s a lot of songs I personally picked for the music bed, too much to list here. Go to the episode thread in our forums and ask me there.

Hearing Calibration

About to start mixing the new episode. It’s been a while, I’m getting my ears’ volume/frequency adjusted while I download Zach’s files listening to some tracks first. This ocurred to me while checking my own recording; It sounded way too quiet so I immediately thought I would need to do some moderate-to-hard compression on my end, but then since I mix the podcast for headphones BECAUSE THAT IS HOW YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO METALSCAPE YOU UNTR00 FVCKS I also thought my hearing wouldn’t be used to the acoustics inside a headphone piece, so I listened to something else.

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Which music player do you use?

As of a couple hours ago, I’m sitting in front of a freshly formatted computer. That’s right, after a couple of years of general “meh” towards my computer’s performance, I decided to take action and nuked all my partitions, dropped a new 1 TB drive for all my porn I mean music and a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit for good measure. I also plan to dual boot me some linux too.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited riding this wave of transcendental changes in my computing experience, so I decided to try new and unknown things to me. For instance, long are the Firefox days; I’ve been using Chrome for the past few hours and it feels nice. Got a couple of extensions, (which funnily enough, were made for Firefox converts) and now it seems like the Google browser and I have known each other forever. I’m still kinda weirded out by the way it handles downloads, in a separate tab and all. But I do think there’s advantages in that. What I still can’t forgive and never will is the name. Why “Chrome”? Why? Is it some terribly smart inside joke I’m not getting or is it just lame?

So following in the same spirit, I decided to ditch iTunes in favor of something new and cool. It’s not that I hate iTunes, the software actually does a pretty good job of keeping your library organized and allows you to make playlists very easily. Also there’s the fact that it’s the only application that supports syncing to my iPod without too much fuss. But I do hate the fact that it’s made by those Apple bastards. Besides, surely there must be something better out there right?

I went over to the legendary Winamp website to try and see what was what, and decided to get the fuck out of there when I read that the free version won’t allow full speed CD ripping and recording. It’s limited to 2x. What the shit? So I said fuck this and then downloaded Songbird because hey, these Mozilla dudes did the Firefox thing and it was good. Turns out that in order to go to the next song on this crap you have to press Ctrl+Right Arrow. What kind of asshole thought of that? Sure, let’s have them press another key why not. There’s not even a way to change the hot keys. Jesus. I downloaded foobar2000 as well since that shit’s supposed to be the geek’s music player, and I’ve always thought of myself as a somewhat computer-literate person, but this shit is ridiculous. I spent the first 10 minutes trying to add a song to my library, and then another 10 trying to play it.

So what the fuck? Am I destined to forever suffer from Steve Jobs appearing every night in my dreams telling me that there’s a new fucking update for iTunes that’s like 840 MB big with no noticeable impact on the application or is there truly a good music player out there? Help me out dudes.

Episode 136

We’re Back!

ITE: Metalscape Episode 136 Indeed, Double the Audience, Staying Still, Staying Alive, My No Longer Place of Business, Coops, All Metal Dogs go to Heaven, “I saw Inception”, Boring fucking songs, “I like dancy stuff”, Let’s go get drunk at Burger King and some fast drumming metal songs urgh!

Justice – Stress
Immortal – In my Kingdom Cold
Dahmane Ei Harrachi – Ya Rayah (Sonar Remix)
Gwar – Baby Raper
Karunesh – Alibaba
Absu – Skrying in the Spirit Vision

Vice Mag Posts Awesome New Thrash List

The guys over at Vice Magazine have posted another excellent thrash playlist with lot’s of ’80s thrash goodness.

Entitled “Thrashing Rage Vol. II” it features Sabbat, Heathen, Znöwhite, Sadus and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Download it for free here.

Holy Shit the New Absu Album is Here!

Absu is without a doubt, one of my favorite bands of all time. I like pretty much everything they’ve ever released, including their “comeback” album, 2009’s “Absu”. But with this, the second in the new trilogy, Absu seems to be lacking some fire. I don’t want to say they’ve lost it yet.

In one word I would have to call the album, unimaginative. All the elements of Absu are there but nothing really stands out, it almost feels like these are songs they cut out of the 2009 release because they simply weren’t all that good.

Every Absu release has at least a few sections where to this day but I can’t help but grin and get all giddy because of the sheer brilliance that is blasting through my ear holes. This is usually due in a big way to Proscriptor’s drumming. Syncopated drum patterns driving under a sky of solid of wailing leads with a carfull of solid riffs.

This time around there doesn’t seem to be much off-the-wall or out-of-the-box drumming like we’re used to. It’s just standard fare played at hyper speeds. This only draws attention to the mediocrity of the rest of the arrangement. There’s no cool fusion-y stuff going on and the album as a whole sounds very “Vanilla”.

The ambiance of the album is also lacking. Other Absu releases truly earned the “Mythological Occult Metal” moniker. They sounded as if some ancient Celtic beast had been awakened and was creating music via three guys from Texas. This album sounds like three guys from Texas with great musical ability got together to sing about some ancient Celtic beast. Similar, but in no way the same.

2.5 out of 5

Check out Zach’s personal site

Metalscape CXXXV – We’re Baaaack

Some of you may know this episode was recorded some weeks ago, but due to some life shit I couldn’t get it up until now. After talking Ron into letting me handle this one, I go and screw it up. O swells.

I don’t even remember what we talked about, but I know it get’s a little ridiculous so I guess you’ll just have to listen and find out.

Enslaved – The Sleep
Primordial – No Grave Deep Enough
Powerglove – The Real Adventurs of Johnny Quest
Wardruna – Bjarkan
Will Smith – Wild Wild West
Deep Purple – Never Before
Emperor – Ye Entrancemperium
Yngwie Malmsteen – Overture 1622
Xerath – False History
Dalriada – Tavaszköszöntõ
Otyg – Vilievandring
The Muppets – Bohemian Rhapsody

Bed Music:
Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More

Metalscape – Episode 135

I fucking hate people that wear caps indoors

Simple as that. I fucking hate them. And most of the time they turn out to be either assholes or complete fucking morons. This is 100% accurate. Want to identify the asshole/moron at your next gathering? Look for the dipshit wearing the cap.

The hat, cap or whatever other device worn on the head to protect your face from the sun is a utilitarian one. I’m not saying they can’t be aesthetically pleasing, but you never do see some dude wearing his motorcycle helmet to frat parties. And you will never catch me with my fucking hard hat on at Wacken. Although if I put some horns on that shit that would be kinda cool. Construction Viking? Think about it. They had to build ships and shit.

Back to the point: I hate these bastards. Fucking caps are now a fashion accessory. It’s even worse when they wear them at night. Indoors. THERE’S NO SUN MOTHERFUCKER TAKE IT OFF! “nah bro is cool ma caps is dope”.

Everytime you wear a cap indoors, or at night, or both, a homeless child in Nicaragua gets skin cancer in the face by the relentless third world sun. He wishes he had a cap. Because he needs one. Not just to put it on his head because it “looks cool”.


Rotten Sound Pays Tribute to the Olympics?

The band has just debuted the video for “Hollow”, from the upcoming album ”Cursed”.

It’s certainly entertaining, with legions of cheeseburgers doing that choreographed drumming the chinese like so much. And participating in a variety of olympic sports. I’m sure there some overstated hippy message about consumerism or some shit, but the song does make me want to rawk.

The album comes out on March 15th.

Bringing home the gold.
7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!