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Ensiferum on your iPhone

Ensiferum has now its own iPhone app. I’m not shitting you. Check it out for yourself.

It seems that the app first came into existence for phones other than the iPhone, and it was called Mobile Twilight Tavern, but now this new “Mobile Backstage” version looks like a more generic band app rather than something uniquely Ensiferum. Which makes sense, since the only techie band member they’ve ever had was Jari “200 Tracks” Maenpaa, and he’s long gone.

In case you’re wondering about what exactly this app does, here’s the breakdown:

- Get connected and join other Ensiferum fans from around the world
- Follow Ensiferum across the globe
- View material (text, video, audio, pictures) posted by the band
- View and comment on material posted by other fans
- Share your own material with other fans
- Interact with the band members & other fans by taking part in open discussions, or send private messages to other users etc.
- Integrated Twitter support
- Get SMS-like notifications from band postings and private messages

Awesome right? It is, if you like Ensiferum a lot. I couldn’t care less what they’re up to these days. Although that last half of that one song on their latest album was pretty sweet. If you’re wondering how good the app is, here’s a review by Persesilmä:

Tää on paras ohjelma ku saa tietoa parhaan suomalaise bändin tapahtumista ja vielä ilmainen!! Ensiferum fanien pakko ladata!

Thanks to paroxysm, our local Ensiferum nut, for the heads up.

Metal Archives Android Application

Everyones favorite Heavy Metal site (besides Metalscape of course), Metal Archives, could soon have it’s very own Android application.

The application is being developed by a fan of the site and is not directly supported by the site, so don’t go asking them any technical questions. But they do support his efforts.

Beta testers are currently needed for the application, if you’re interested fill out this form if you’d like to participate.

As a proud owner of a new Nexus One, I thoroughly support this idea. Man, my new phone just keeps getting better and better.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!