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Posts Tagged ‘behemoth’

Nergal Hospitalized AGAIN!

So after that bone marrow transplant back in December, everybody’s favorite polack got himself into some trouble again. He has developed an infection, whose danger is heightened because of his reduced immune system.

Dr. Maria Bieniaszewska wasted no time in selling ‘ol Adam Darski out stating, "The patient was taken to hospital again because he did not take care of himself."

Come on buddy, we can’t help you if you don’t help yourself.

Nergal has Leukemia

Yup, and there aren’t a whole lot of marrow donors in Poland. They say it’s too far along to undergo chemotherapy, but we know it’s just because bone marrow transplants are way more metal than chemo.

His wife has donated some marrow, although it’s not known if it is a match yet. Many polish musicians and artists have begun organizing fundraiser events and concerts to help, and all scheduled Behemoth dates have been cancelled.

Don’t fuck with Jesus, he’ll give you cancer.

Behemoth – Banned from MTV

In another move showing that they hate absolutely everything that’s awesome, Behemoths new video for the song “Ov Fire and the Void” has been officially banned by MTV.

I think the video is actually pretty damn nice, the ratios of tits to vaginal bleeding to actual shots of the band are spot on.

Behemoth is currently working on another version of the video where all the tits will be covered up with giant penises. MTV is looking forward to evaluating that one… all night long. Hey oh.

BEHEMOTH’s “Evangelion” artwork revealed

Behemoth have released the artwork for their upcoming album, “Evangelion”.
What you see above is (according to main man Nergal) a couple of saints bowing before The Whore of Babylon, who is riding her seven-headed beast while the tablets of the Ten Commandments lie broken at her feet. I think maybe some color would’ve helped.

Also that Babylonian hooker needs bigger tits.


That crazy Nergal person and his crew of polish death metallers have announced “Evangelion” as the title for their new album. For those who don’t know, evangelion translates to “spreading the word of god”; it’s what gospels are called in spanish.

Could this be the second round of the most recent heavy metal trend started by Heaven and Hell? Heavy Metal Anime/Hentai?

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!