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It Takes Skill to Do a Good Pop Cover

I can get down with a Metal version of a pop song when done well. I can appreciate the irony and it doesn’t really bug me. I think the heavy metal I Kissed a Girl is particularly genius, and it stays on my iPod because I listen to it fairly regularly. I even enjoyed CoB Salad’s Oops! I Did It Again rendition.

However what I hate is when shitty bands try to copy the success of I Set My Friends on Fire, who practically launched a career off that one cover. They half ass some pop cover relying solely on irony to try and gain success. What they don’t realize is that it does actually take some thought to produce a good pop cover.
I know this discussion is burnt out and I’m a little late to the game, but today hearing an incredibly bad cover of Bad Romance just really boggled my mind as to how people don’t realize this.

CoB Salad Ruins Other Peoples Music Too!

Not content with slowly turning their own music into shit flavored baby food. The “long anticipated” cover album from Fags of Bodom (lulz I’m clever) entitled “Skeletons in the Closet” has a release date and a trailer video.

Some of the covers are rehashes of the cutesy ones they’ve thrown on albums all along like Talk Dirty to Me, Rebel Yell, and Ooops!… I Did it Again. Some of which were actually done back when it was still slightly ironic to cover pop songs as a metal band.
They’ve now however decided that they are going to go after classic metal names. Like Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Sepultura, and Suicidal Tendencies. They will undoubtedly botch all of them.
If they ever open for Suicidal Tendencies again, not only will all the CoB Kiddies be talking about how shitty ST is, they’ll be saying Alexi did War Inside My Head better than they did. GG Alexi, you’ve made the never ending struggle against retardation that is my life that much harder.

The Berzerker covers t.A.T.u.

Another thing to add to your list of things that don’t need to exist.

Australian death metal band The Berzerker have released a video for there cover of the russian hit “All the Things She Said” by those lovely lesbians t.A.T.u.

The cover is horrible and doesn’t even get any laughs for silliness. However the video is hot, featuring two of Australia’s finest fetish models, and a couple of experimental schoolgirls.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!