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Devin Townsend: Deconstrupdate 1

Devin “I can’t seem to post shit online fast enough” Townsend has now posted the first video documenting the recording process of the third album in his planned “Devin Townsend Project” 4-album series, titled “Deconstruction”. Here it is:

Very entertaining watch as usual, and it should come as no surprise since for the past year or so, Mr. Townsend has honed his internet media skills by posting anything and everything that crosses his mind on twitter, Facebook, youtube and maybe even MySpace.

Seriously, I can’t think of a single day when I don’t get a fresh new update from The Dev regarding his meals, movie watching experiences or spiritual enlightenment. Maybe he should cut that back a little and try to focus on the actual music, because honestly,┬áits been kinda whack as of late.

Ever since he started releasing these preview videos containing actual song bits or demos, the music in them sounds pretty cool. Then the album comes out and you realize all the cool parts were in that preview. Not cool. And now this new video comes out with the same song bits and stuff, but without the cool. There isn’t a single riff/melody/sound on this video that I could qualify as “good”. Not even “interesting”. Is this a sign of worse things to come? Because I was promised the heaviest metal album of all time, not some rehashed “Addicted” album with a different drummer and a faster tempo.

Let’s hope I’m wrong, but as of right now, I’m officially not excited for “Deconstruction” anymore. Maybe “Ghost” will be good? I don’t know. In the meantime, I’ll go check my twitter, which is more than likely overtaken with what I like to call “Devin Townsend’s Mind Farts”.

Ghost – Part 1

Checked my twitter today and saw that Mr. Townsend had posted this awesome video up. I hadn’t heard anything from “Ghost” ’till now, and man does it sound good.

Devin Townsend… in vinyl?

If Devin’s hyperactive twitter account is to be believed (and why not, the man’s been supposedly drug free for the last couple of years now), his entire catalog will be seeing the light of day again in the vinyl format.

Wow…the WHOLE dt catalog is being released on Vinyl! Ocean Machine and Terria first, then the rest over the next 4 months!

Cool news for those of you out there who are both DT and vinyl fans. You can of course follow Devin and get your twitter flooded by his 3424567 daily tweets by going to his page, @dvntownsend.

Devin Townsend Video Time

Continuing the media frenzy and all out whore fest that started ever since he announced this 4 album concept thingy, The Dev has released two interesting videos.

The first one is of course the video for “Bend it like Bender”, a song from his most recent outing, “Addicted”. The video itself is pretty cool looking, sorta mixing some cel-shaded Modern Warfarey looking visuals with anime or some shit. The song is… alright I guess. But then again, that entire album is… alright I guess. Check it out:

Now the second video promises to be the first in a series that will focus far beyond things beyond things. It’s awesome:

Take your disbelief and shove it up yer Ass

A while ago I talked on the show about a Christmas postcard I got from HevyDevy records and how it was actually signed by The Dev himself. I of course was met with disbelief by my cohort, because he is a grumpy old man who does not believe in pen technology. He accused the signature of not being actually from Devin or it being printed on the postcard and not hand-signed.

Well in this video you can clearly see that Devin actually signs stuff himself, and that his signature is definitely the one present on my postcard:

Here’s a picture of the back of my postcard for comparison purposes:

Twitter Tales

From Devin Townsend’s twitter:

Man, if you were 37 years old and got busted masturbating while staying at your folks house, that would probably totally suck. yup. Totally.

Devin, stop it.

Devin Townsend quit all conventional drugs (tobacco/pot/booze) but has already picked up a new one: Twitter.

This dude does nothing in his life but record albums and post in Twitter.

Addiction Kit

Saw this posted by Dr. Dick on Facebook, relating Devin Townsend’s upcoming “Addicted” album:

And then saw this one while browsing around on that page:
Custom hand-drawn cover art by The Dev himself? Holy Shit.

You can check out the new “Addicted” album teaser The Dev has posted on his MySpace.

Remember to purchase at least 5 shirts a day so I can get enough money to buy both these packs.

Devin Townsend Is A Musical Genius

Just a couple of Minutes ago on his official twitter Devin Townsend released some info on plans for his upcoming tour.

This man is releasing 3 albums back to back, and is now going to go on tour and release a new EP every 6 months so his show doesn’t get stale. How long is he planning on touring?

I’m thinking that now I’m going to be touring, that I should just release a new and different ep each 6 months as promotion for the shows.

Addicted is a great record, but just more material for live as opposed to something I feel the need to cling to.

I started rehearsing a fast and heavy ep, some reworked Physicist stuff, and the best ‘songs’ off deconstruction, could track it in December

And then it would be part of the show. I’ve get a new age thing, an acoustic thing, a wanky guitar thing… a new ep every 6 months?

It would keep intersted musically, keep the identity fluid, and give me tons of new stuff to play. The industry has definitely changed.

If the new music could be promotion for the show…cool! Addicted is just this 6 month periods contribution…


Devin Townsend: Addicted

I’m back gice. Expect regular episodes from now on and maybe some Z&R if I can find the inspiration.

In Metal news, Devin Townsend is almost ready to release the second album in his 4-part concept thingy. This one’s called “Addicted”. Dunno why. Devin describes it as a straight up, no bullshit rocking album:

Musically, Addicted is along the lines of the big, wall of sound hard rock / heavy metal of Ocean Machine and Accelerated Evolution (even Physicist at points).

Sounds great. He’s got the same guy from “Synchestra” handling drum duties on this one, so things are definitely metaling up. Also there’s female vocals in it because Devin likes women. Here’s the cover and tracklist:

Also, there’s a weird video for “Coast” off of Ki on Devin’s site if you wanna check that out.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!