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Dropping Like Flies – Dream Theater’s James LaBrie

Did I get ya? James LaBrie has announced a tour for his solo album “Static Impulse”. He hasn’t said anything yet, but I think he’s testing the waters. It’s only a matter of time until he portnoys out. Lulz. That joke’s funny because I’m a comic now, haven’t you heard?

DREAM THEATER’s Deluxe Set to end all Deluxe Sets

Dream Theater is pulling off a Windows Vista with their release of their new album, “Black Clouds & Silver Linings”. There’s a total of 4 different versions coming out of the same album; each one including more bonus material than your mom, with the big Deluxe Collector’s Edition Box Set containing more bonus material than John Petrucci’s mom.

Here’s the breakdown, as found on Dream Theater’s official site:

Price INCLUDES shipping via Priority Mail for all domestic U.S. customers!

Pre-order this configuration and receive an exclusive code to download 5 of the newly recorded cover songs. 1 track per week will be released, beginning on 5/19, leading up to album release. You’ll hear them first! (Download available to U.S. customers only.)

* Find a SILVER TICKET and Win a MEET & GREET with the Band!
* 3-CD Special Edition Set Includes Album, Instrumental Mixes and 6 Newly Recorded Cover Songs
* Limited Edition Audiophile 180-Gram Double LP Set with Exclusive Artwork from Hugh Syme
* Black Clouds & Silver Linings “Producer’s Edition” Disc Includes Isolated Audio Tracks of the Entire Album (This Bonus Disc Only Available in This Set)
* Limited Edition, Numbered Lithograph by Legendary Artist Hugh Syme. 100 Lucky Winners will Find a Litho Personally Signed by the Artist!
* Computer Mouse Pad, Exclusively Available with Box Set
* Packaged in a Silver Foil Embossed Black Velvet Box.

Dream Theater’s Latest Progressive Metal Masterpiece in a 3-CD Deluxe Edition includes:

* 6 Newly Recorded Cover Songs
* Instrumental Mixes of the Entire Album
* Expanded Artwork and Packaging

DOUBLE LP: $27.49
180-Gram Double LP Set: The vinyl is of the highest audiophile quality and pressed in Germany.

STANDARD: $15.99
Dream Theater return with Over 70 Minutes of New Music

Here’s Portnoy explaining the Deluxe Set for the TL;DR crowd:

$132 is a lot to pay for music/artwork, but that “Producer’s Edition” disc would make any aspiring music producer’s day. I know it’d make mine. Also it comes with a mousepad.

True DT Video nubs

No fancy CG effects or robes on fire bullshit, just plain ol’ good prog rockin’.

Sunglasses = Automatic Cool.


Or something like that. With a bunch of dudes wearing red robes and masks. That’s basically what the DT video for their new song “A Rite of Passage” depicts. The song comes off their upcoming album, “Black Coulds & Silver Linings” which I believe is their second one on Roadrunner Records.

The song sucks pretty bad, but the video is cool. John Petrucci is still rocking the steroid look and it seems at times he’s about to break his guitar in half. Rudess is barely in the video, so much that I thought they had kicked him out because I rarely heard any keyboard parts. It’s nice to see that such a (once) great band gets the all-star music video treatment, pity it’s for such a lame song.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!