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Odin’s Ethical Axioms

Or “Odin’s Ethical Principles” (correct me if I’m wrong here Sheriff) is Norwegian Svart Metallers-Gone Prog Enslaved’s latest album, and according to our very own wayward soul Fungar, the thing is a “fucking mini-masterpiece”. It strikes me as odd that Fungar would allow himself to pass on judgement on metal music, because being such a devoted and long standing Metalscape fan himself, he should know that the only person with the right mindset to entertain such pretentious ego bolstering stunts is me. And only me. You got that, Fungar? Ok then, let’s procede.

First off, Internet, the first instance of Enslaved going prog dates back to the amazing intro for 793 (Slaget Om Lindisfarne) off of 1997′s “Eld”. When did 2003′s “Below the Lights” came into play as the official transition from black metal to prog? I have no idea.

Now, the album. I’ll tell you one thing, I fucking love Enslaved. Stuff like Storre Enn Tid, Tyngre Enn Natt and the entirety of the “Monumension” album are just things of unrivaled epicness in the assumed realm of black/prog metal. “Axioma Ethica Odini” is not. It’s as simple as that.

I don’t know why every review I’ve read for this album gets off by saying that this is some sort of masterpiece or fantastical voyage through music. I mean, it’s not a bad album, but as far as “masterpieces” go, I don’t think it quite fits the bill. There’s a few moments in the album where the music rises above the “meh” and dips its feet into the upside down pool of the “cool”, but to tell me that the thing is a riveting, exhilarating mindfuck from beggining to end with a straight face is a disservice to you, me, Enslaved and music.

You want the quasi-prog Enslaved’s been content with doing ever since Isa? Go ahead and get this album. You want music that would fit these reviews? Go listen to Convoys of Nothingness off of “Monumension”.

Also, Enslaved, I’m not too happy with the blatant Yes ripoff. You know what I’m talking about.

Enslaved Tour Update

Ivar Bjørnson (Guitar) of Enslaved has posted an in depth up date of their North American tour with Opeth.

More than a feeling! We’ve never been to Boston before, so this was about time. What a city! The dialect made famous by JFK is worth a trip in itself (“haad liquor”, “who faated?”). The city is famous for amongst other things Cheers and its seafood, we got to check out the latter; the sushi was just beyond. We tried getting on one of the famous duck safaris, but they were sold out-we had to settle for a rubber duck and some duck lips (that were appropriately used during the set later that night). We found a store specializing in lobster souvenirs; we were inches away from Grutle getting a nifty lobster hat. Why hasn’t anybody thought of selling cod- and shrimp-hats in good ol’ Bergen, Norway? The local Trade Counsel should feel free to get in touch for some input.

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7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!