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Episode CXLII

Welcome to the Future of Metal Podcasting:
ITE: Episode 14(2), “It’s not a total piece of shit”, Jesus Crackers, Zach’s live-in fuck buddies, Ron’s photographic adventures, The Great Nicaraguan TransOceanic Canal Project, Dual Monitors, No glossing over, Sports at the Barber Shop and Facebook likes. Also, somehow, metal. Fuck yeah.

Biomechanical – Fallen In Fear
Moonsorrow – Aurinko Ja Kuu
Ulver – Magic Hollow (The Beau Brummels, 1967)

Lorn – Grandfather

Funki Porcini – Fast Asleep
Funki Porcini – The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds

Episode CXLI

The Podcasting Duo of Doom is back.

ITE: Tacos in my grandma’s closet, Surfing, LA Thug Lyf, “They found my doobie in my pocket”, Ron’s Nomadic Adventures, Watches slow you down, Badass Zach, “The third richest man in the world is some mexican dude”, Syrious Business, The president is now in grandma’s closet, Sonata Arctica Sucks/Stratovarius still rocks, Smart Phone’s non-existant evolution, The NSA, Deep pipes into old existing structures, Pussyfootin’, Dune and the future of Metalscape.

Ahab – The Giant
Boomtown Rats – I don’t like Mondays
Fever Ray – If I had a Heart
Herbie Hancock – Rockit
Om – Addis

Music Bed: Funki Porcini – On (album), Kaya Project – And So It Goes (album)


ITE: Metalscape returns in time for the End of the World, Golems, Dragons Evolve, Haircuts, Flight School, The magic of Facebook, 24 Hours in Cancun, gay songs, Adventures, Nordish Tunes. Also, we need money. Buy a shirt or donate a couple of thousand dollars.

Golem! – Train across Ukraine
Cynic – Amidst the Coals
Cynic – Carbon Based Anatomy
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
Justice – Ohio
Kraftwerk – Numbers (Live)
Gojira – Clone
Golem! – Warsaw is Khelm

There’s a lot of songs I personally picked for the music bed, too much to list here. Go to the episode thread in our forums and ask me there.

Episode 136

We’re Back!

ITE: Metalscape Episode 136 Indeed, Double the Audience, Staying Still, Staying Alive, My No Longer Place of Business, Coops, All Metal Dogs go to Heaven, “I saw Inception”, Boring fucking songs, “I like dancy stuff”, Let’s go get drunk at Burger King and some fast drumming metal songs urgh!

Justice – Stress
Immortal – In my Kingdom Cold
Dahmane Ei Harrachi – Ya Rayah (Sonar Remix)
Gwar – Baby Raper
Karunesh – Alibaba
Absu – Skrying in the Spirit Vision

Episode CXXX

ITE: Recording Confirmed, Russian Internet, Metalscape broadens its Horizons, The Nicaraguan Metal Scene, Ebony Football, Rappin’, Reverse Mulan: Dishonorably Discharged Pop Superstars, Magnets, GDot strikes again, The Exclusive Metalscape-Only Halo: Reach Review (and the current state of the gaming industry according to Ron), Tacos, Happy Mexican Bicentennial, D00M, “You’re an animal” and Pedozach.

Bulb – F8
Carpathian Forest – Return of the Freezing Winds
Mos Def – Auditorium
Alexandrov Ensemble – Russian Military Marches
Catasexual Urge Motivation – Homicidal Patterns – Organized-Disorganized
Ahab – Old Thunder
Prince – Erotic City
Coroner – Son of Lilith
Earth – Omens And Portents I – The Driver
Absu – shield with an iron face
Ophis – The Halls of Sorrow
Midnight – Vomit Queens
Steven Osborne – Rachmaninov – Prelude Op.23, No.5 in G minor
Shivaree – Goodnight Moon
Smoov-E – Dreamgirl
Smoov-E – The Fondler

Intro: Ratatat – Bilar. Music Bed: Tsuchie – Samurai Champloo Music Records “Masta”, Tsuchie/Fat Jon – Samurai Champloo Music Records “Playlist”.

Episode CXXVI – Podcasting For Doctors

ITE: Starcraft II for iPhone, Periodic Happenstance of a Body between two Points in a Plane of Existence, “I’m always right”, Best Buy/Apple Store tales, Throat Fucking, You don’t wanna know about Malefic, Bandcamp, Brian POSehn, Foreskin and Sheltered Environments, Sexy Sexual Predators in Hoodies, By the Book, Nazi Hops, Wiper Physics, Kevin-what?, UNLIMITED POWAH, Precious, Metalscape and Torture, “I killed Saddam Hussein with my bare hands, what have you done lately?”, “Music? On Metalscape? Pff”, Magic’s moving my car, Van Canto, Rhythm in the Mouth, The Wireless Samaritan, House Elf Mutilation Remembrance, Saber Tooth Tiger Cooch, Demographics, Zach the Blogger, Varg Vikernes vs. Hollywood, Excellant Nights, The Letters, Listener Survey and Doctors.

Triptykon – Goetia
End of Power – Shackled to a Corpse
Dismember – Under a Bloodred Sky
Watain – Reaping Death
Deep Purple – Bloodsucker
Soreption – Suppressing The Mute
Gostwind – Korean Road
Van Canto – Wishmaster
Burzum – Kaimadalthas Nedstigning

Music Bed: Sola Rosa – Get it Together, Estradasphere – It’s Understood, Hans Zimmer – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest OST, Kiko Loureiro – Universo Inverso

Episode CXXIII

Too soon for a new episode? Fuck you:
ITE:Extra claps, Mantecan boyfriends, brutal RTS, excessive wiping, American lunches and terrible songs.

Trouble – Psalm 9
Brocas Helm – Drink the Blood of the Priest
Freak Kitchen – Murder Groupie
Strapping Young Lad – Exciter
Symphony X – The Relic
Immortal – Antarctica
Opeth – Blackwater Park
Annihilator – Alison Hell

Metalscape CXX – Motherlist

New iPods, new Immortal, new outlook on life, new apartment, new shirt designs, new voice, new career. lolwut?


Nile – Permitting the Noble Dead to Descend to the Underworld
Rudra – Hymns from the Blazing Chariot
Ensiferum – Stone Cold Metal
Immortal – Arctic Swarm
Mastodon – The Czar
Sepultura – Attitude
Om – (Version)
Carcass – Keep on Rotting in the Free World

Metalscape CXX - Motherlist

Episode CXI

Best episode yet?

ITE: Ronvaldr & Zachrebuff, Ron’s Norse Mythology Corner, Adagio/Karl Sanders/Steven Wilson review extravaganza, Zach’s fantastic voyage into LSD, Ron & hookers, Chepe’s heartfelt confessions, Mr. Moore’s words on Wrath and metal.

Stratovarius – Maniac Dance
Adagio – Vamphyri
Behemoth – Arcane Heraticae
3 Inches of Blood – Deadly Sinners
Tyr – The Wild Rover
Heaven Shall Burn – Endzeit
Tormentor – Elisabeth Bathory
Meshuggah – Elastic

Episode CX

St. Patricks was a week ago

ITE: Guitar Hero, Zach gets stood up by some asshole, Old podcast co-hosts, ugly fat chicks, pool showers, Heavy Metal Hentai, I don’t get Mastodon, The wolf in the sky and the morons that believe he’s actually there, Devin Motherfucking Townsend and his new stuff, Pagan Knights, Zach’s Tech Tip Minute and forum malfunctions.

Astriaal – The Funeral Procession/Ritual Hate Construct
Heaven and Hell – Bible Black
Reusmarkt – Fortress Ung
Municipal Waste – The Art of Partying
Bolt Thrower – Anti-Tank
Kreator – Violent Revolution
Steve Ouimette – The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Dalriada – Tavaszköszöntõ

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