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Episode CXLII

Welcome to the Future of Metal Podcasting:
ITE: Episode 14(2), “It’s not a total piece of shit”, Jesus Crackers, Zach’s live-in fuck buddies, Ron’s photographic adventures, The Great Nicaraguan TransOceanic Canal Project, Dual Monitors, No glossing over, Sports at the Barber Shop and Facebook likes. Also, somehow, metal. Fuck yeah.

Biomechanical – Fallen In Fear
Moonsorrow – Aurinko Ja Kuu
Ulver – Magic Hollow (The Beau Brummels, 1967)

Lorn – Grandfather

Funki Porcini – Fast Asleep
Funki Porcini – The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds

Jari Mäenpää: “Fuck ‘TIME’, I’m playing Farmville”

That’s right people. The one and only Jari Mäenpää is now on Facebook. You can find his profile at this address, and if that’s not working for you, just search for “Jari Mäenpää Wintersun” within Facebook.

Don’t worry about this not being legit, as the man himself posted it on the official Wintersun boards. “Who gives a shit?” would probably be the appropriate reaction to this, but I can’t help my fanboy self. Friend Request sent!

Metal Facebook

If you haven’t already, become a fan of our Facebook page, which just recently got its direct URL.

You can find us at

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More Fake Opeth Goodies

First there was counterfeit tickets, and now there are fake facebook profiles popping up claiming to be Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt.

Mike recently stated that he does not have any facebook pages, and any that you find are completely independent and have nothing to do with the true Akerfeldt.

I will bring these people down (to Chinatown) as soon as possible.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!