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Episode CXLI

The Podcasting Duo of Doom is back.

ITE: Tacos in my grandma’s closet, Surfing, LA Thug Lyf, “They found my doobie in my pocket”, Ron’s Nomadic Adventures, Watches slow you down, Badass Zach, “The third richest man in the world is some mexican dude”, Syrious Business, The president is now in grandma’s closet, Sonata Arctica Sucks/Stratovarius still rocks, Smart Phone’s non-existant evolution, The NSA, Deep pipes into old existing structures, Pussyfootin’, Dune and the future of Metalscape.

Ahab – The Giant
Boomtown Rats – I don’t like Mondays
Fever Ray – If I had a Heart
Herbie Hancock – Rockit
Om – Addis

Music Bed: Funki Porcini – On (album), Kaya Project – And So It Goes (album)

Odin bless Google

I’m comfortably seated right now at Miami International Airport, waiting to board my flight to the tropical paradise known as Nicaragua. I brought my netbook along because I don’t have my own computer back home, and I don’t feel comfortable looking at pr0n on my sister’s desktop.
And now thanks to the wonderful people at Google, I can start using my sweet Acer Aspire One before I even get on the plane to post on the Greatest Website on the face of the earth.

Google is providing free internet access on a number of airports through January 15. It’s their way of saying Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you too Google. I love you.

I’m reading here that they’re also providing in-flight internet, only on Virgin Atlantic Airlines though. Fucking Virgin.

Gregg is reminding me right now that I owe you guys a Nicaraguan Photojournal. I’ll get on that as soon as I land.

FINLAND: Broadband Internet is not a luxury, it is your right!

Apparently, Finland has become the first country in the world to declare broadband internet access as a basic human right, and is demanding that by July 2010 all citizens of the Power Metal country by excellence be provided with at least a 1 MB/s connection. And by 2015 that requirement will jump to 100 MB/s.

In other news, Nicaragua has no idea what the fuck the internet is.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!