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Which music player do you use?

As of a couple hours ago, I’m sitting in front of a freshly formatted computer. That’s right, after a couple of years of general “meh” towards my computer’s performance, I decided to take action and nuked all my partitions, dropped a new 1 TB drive for all my porn I mean music and a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit for good measure. I also plan to dual boot me some linux too.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited riding this wave of transcendental changes in my computing experience, so I decided to try new and unknown things to me. For instance, long are the Firefox days; I’ve been using Chrome for the past few hours and it feels nice. Got a couple of extensions, (which funnily enough, were made for Firefox converts) and now it seems like the Google browser and I have known each other forever. I’m still kinda weirded out by the way it handles downloads, in a separate tab and all. But I do think there’s advantages in that. What I still can’t forgive and never will is the name. Why “Chrome”? Why? Is it some terribly smart inside joke I’m not getting or is it just lame?

So following in the same spirit, I decided to ditch iTunes in favor of something new and cool. It’s not that I hate iTunes, the software actually does a pretty good job of keeping your library organized and allows you to make playlists very easily. Also there’s the fact that it’s the only application that supports syncing to my iPod without too much fuss. But I do hate the fact that it’s made by those Apple bastards. Besides, surely there must be something better out there right?

I went over to the legendary Winamp website to try and see what was what, and decided to get the fuck out of there when I read that the free version won’t allow full speed CD ripping and recording. It’s limited to 2x. What the shit? So I said fuck this and then downloaded Songbird because hey, these Mozilla dudes did the Firefox thing and it was good. Turns out that in order to go to the next song on this crap you have to press Ctrl+Right Arrow. What kind of asshole thought of that? Sure, let’s have them press another key why not. There’s not even a way to change the hot keys. Jesus. I downloaded foobar2000 as well since that shit’s supposed to be the geek’s music player, and I’ve always thought of myself as a somewhat computer-literate person, but this shit is ridiculous. I spent the first 10 minutes trying to add a song to my library, and then another 10 trying to play it.

So what the fuck? Am I destined to forever suffer from Steve Jobs appearing every night in my dreams telling me that there’s a new fucking update for iTunes that’s like 840 MB big with no noticeable impact on the application or is there truly a good music player out there? Help me out dudes.


For a while now, theres been some technical problems with the Itunes feed. The problem is that the old metalscapeonline adress is shot, wich makes the feeds DNS server point to an invalid adress. Hopefully this will be fixed in the coming 2 or 3 days. But if you cannot wait or if the problem wont be fixed, you can just resubscribe and it will work fine again. Sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully it will all be back to normal soon enough.

Amazon doing variable pricing as well

Fuck me, my preferred mp3 store has followed the same route as Apple. The pricing hasn’t affected anything I’ve bought so far. But when it does… I’ll shut up and pay whatever they ask me to.

iTunes implements tiered pricing

We knew it was coming, Apple has finally introduced a tiered pricing scheme for songs in iTunes.

Basically, more popular songs will cost $1.29 and less popular songs will cost $0.69. The majority of music will stay at the standard $0.99 price point.

This probably won’t affect the majority of people visiting this site, and I haven’t seen a single song priced at $0.69 so it’s all the more reason to use Amazon’s MP3 Service. Where songs can often be found for less than $0.99 and are never more than that. Songs from Amazon are also easily imported into any media player using their excellent software.

But better yet, support your local record store and enjoy the perks of a fully packaged disk.

TuneUp Your iTunes Library

An iTunes organizational plug-in that actually works? GTFO.

I randomly came across this tool while perusing the internet one day, and for some reason the ad caught my eye. Another tool that attempts to find all your missing artwork? Meh, I fully expected it to tag all my Borknagar as Bon Jovi, but I decided to give it a shot anyway . TuneUp cleaning screen

Excuse me while I shove my foot in my mouth.

After installing it I thought that something had gone wrong, where was the nag screen telling me my trial would expire? Or that all my album art would be replaced with the company logo if I didn’t pay up in 30 days?

I opened iTunes to an unexpected sight, a sleek, unobtrusive side panel waiting to be explored.

TuneUp will analyze your library and put any tracks it thinks need cleaning into a “Dirty” playlist. Simply start dragging songs (or groups of songs) over to the cleaning area, marked with a cute little bottle of windex. The program tells you what it thinks should happen to the tags and sorts the songs by artist and album to let you review changes that are going to be made.

I started using TuneUp on every album I added to my library and quickly used up my free 500 tags. However I don’t think 29.95 is too much to ask for this helpful piece of software. They also have a 19.95 yearly subscription, but I can’t quite see why you’d only want to use this for a year.

TuneUp Now PlayingThere is also a “Now Playing” feature which will show you some videos and news related to whatever artist is playing, kinda cool I guess, but really only works for more mainstream bands.

The concerts feature is nice, but it only gives you ticket links throughTuneUp Concerts Menu StubHub which is generally a rip off, as you can see in the screenshot, 55 dollars for the Lamb of God tickets? Also, using StubHub exclusively means if it’s not on there, you don’t see any tickets. NO KREATOR FOR JOO!

So overall I highly recommend this software, reading the current tags can be a bit slow at times, but not so much that it’s distracting, and the Concert and Now Playing sections aren’t always useful. But the meat of the program is solid and it works.

Get a free trial at When you decide to purchase, use the Promo Code: METALSCAPE to get a cool 15% off.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!