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It Takes Skill to Do a Good Pop Cover

I can get down with a Metal version of a pop song when done well. I can appreciate the irony and it doesn’t really bug me. I think the heavy metal I Kissed a Girl is particularly genius, and it stays on my iPod because I listen to it fairly regularly. I even enjoyed CoB Salad’s Oops! I Did It Again rendition.

However what I hate is when shitty bands try to copy the success of I Set My Friends on Fire, who practically launched a career off that one cover. They half ass some pop cover relying solely on irony to try and gain success. What they don’t realize is that it does actually take some thought to produce a good pop cover.
I know this discussion is burnt out and I’m a little late to the game, but today hearing an incredibly bad cover of Bad Romance just really boggled my mind as to how people don’t realize this.


ITE: Happy returns, Late late night talk, Metalscape Awards, Zach’s Sax, Technical Difficulties made bearable by Lady Gaga, Croc Cock Talk, Pregnant chicks, Nick A. Ragwa, Summerian bands, Inspector Detector Proscriptor and pen flipping.

Immolation – A Token of Malice
Evile – Thrasher
Ihsahn – On the Shores
Kataklysm – In Shadow and Dust
Hospital of Death – I AM the Tiger
Kreator – Violent Revolution
Byzantine -Taking up Serpents
Moonspell – Blood Tells

Music Bed: Strunz and Farah (Heat of the Sun), Force of Nature/Nujabes/Fat Jon (Samurai Champloo Music Record – Impression), Acoustic Alchemy (The Beautiful Game).

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