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Episode CX

St. Patricks was a week ago

ITE: Guitar Hero, Zach gets stood up by some asshole, Old podcast co-hosts, ugly fat chicks, pool showers, Heavy Metal Hentai, I don’t get Mastodon, The wolf in the sky and the morons that believe he’s actually there, Devin Motherfucking Townsend and his new stuff, Pagan Knights, Zach’s Tech Tip Minute and forum malfunctions.

Astriaal – The Funeral Procession/Ritual Hate Construct
Heaven and Hell – Bible Black
Reusmarkt – Fortress Ung
Municipal Waste – The Art of Partying
Bolt Thrower – Anti-Tank
Kreator – Violent Revolution
Steve Ouimette – The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Dalriada – Tavaszköszöntõ

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