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Most Metal Phone App You Will Ever See

As I mentioned the other day, there is a Metal Archives Android app in development. However you probably weren’t able to get into the beta, and that’s because the app was already on it’s way to the marketplace by the time we picked up on the story. It is not officially available.

The app is extremely slick and responsive. The simple UI allows you to search via Band, Album, or Song. And gives you access to all the bands information which is available on the archives. Including reviews if you find yourself at a record shop with an unknown band that caught your eye. It’s also great for settling debates between your friends.

My favorite feature however is the ability to show lyrics, this comes in handy since I have the voice of an angel, but the memory of a carrot.

RIght now the app is strictly for consuming information. It doesn’t offer a way to edit the archives or submit that band you just met at Guitar Center. But who knows, maybe that’s coming, as long as it doesn’t complicate things.

Screenshots after the jump…

Metal Archives Android Application

Everyones favorite Heavy Metal site (besides Metalscape of course), Metal Archives, could soon have it’s very own Android application.

The application is being developed by a fan of the site and is not directly supported by the site, so don’t go asking them any technical questions. But they do support his efforts.

Beta testers are currently needed for the application, if you’re interested fill out this form if you’d like to participate.

As a proud owner of a new Nexus One, I thoroughly support this idea. Man, my new phone just keeps getting better and better.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!