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Pig Destroyer – Thought Crime Spree
Darkthrone – Eyes Burst at Dawn
??? – ??? (I think it’s Skyforger, dunno)
Finntroll – Drap
Carnivore – Carnivore
Stormlord – War (The supreme art)
Spazz – Gary Monardo’s Record Vault Shirt
Protest the Hero – Goddess Bound
Hammerfall – Blood Bound
PsyOpus – Our Puzzling Encounters Considered
Hella – The Things That People Do When They Think No One’s Looking
Nick Drake – River Man
Pentagram – Sinister
Elia Cmiral – Ronin Theme
Masseratti 2lts – Interlude Caracas
Mew – Introducing Palace Players
Strunz and Farah – Dark Fire
Devin Townsend – Numbered!
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov – Kazuhito Yamashita – Song from India from Sadko


Divinity – Abiogenesis
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden
Demigod – The Forlorn
Blind Guardian – And Then There Was Silence
Ahab – Old Thunder
Adagio – Missa Aeterna
Immortal – In my Kingdom Cold
Ahab – The Hunt
Burzum – Morgenroede
Angra – So Near So Far
Devin Townsend – Deep Peace
Ulver – Shadows of the Sun
Earth – Engine of Ruin
Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing
Camel – Slow Yourself Down
Kreator – Terror Zone
Beaux Arts Trio – Rachmaninov – Trio élégiaque No.2 in D minor (Op.9): Moderato
Meshuggah – Humiliative

Metalscape Radio

I’ll be doing another installment of the kvltest radio show online, Metalscape Radio, tonight @ 9:00 pm eastern.

Join in and make requests. Also, listen in for a chance to win a free shirt!


Devin Townsend – Supercrush!
Savatage – When the Crowds are Gone
Asphyx – Asphyx ii (They died as they marched)
Anata – Any Kind of Magic or Miracle
Electro Quarterstaff – Neckwrecker
Lich King – Thrash Resurgence
Freak Kitchen – Teargas Jazz
Father Andrei – Oy, to ne vecher
Radiohead – Reckoner
Alexandrov Ensemble – Korolbeniki
Chingon – Malagueña Salerosa

Metalscape Radio 1

I wasn’t planning on releasing this, but some people asked for it during the live broadcast of CXX, which is coming in the next few days (that’s right peoples, NEW METALSCAPE!!).

Check it out if you’re bored or if you missed it:

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!