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Episode CXLIII

ITE: Zach’s french gangbanging, bad lag, Level 2 IT Support, plastic dicks, le cóme, indie movies, I can’t hate Steve Jobs anymore, “I don’t need a tablet; I got pen and paper”, traditional arabian music, the hobbit sucks because it’s actually a story for retarded children, “I wonder what Ahab is doing”, Are you still metal?, French Electronic Music vs. German Weird Shit and sharing music as a positive thing.

Ben Howard – Oats in the Water
Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Rompi Rompi
Gesaffelstein – Pursuit
Grendel – EPR-EDP
Bid feat. Seu Jorge – E Depois…

Music Bed:
Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Garden of Delight
Omar Faruk Tekbilek – One

Episode CXLI

The Podcasting Duo of Doom is back.

ITE: Tacos in my grandma’s closet, Surfing, LA Thug Lyf, “They found my doobie in my pocket”, Ron’s Nomadic Adventures, Watches slow you down, Badass Zach, “The third richest man in the world is some mexican dude”, Syrious Business, The president is now in grandma’s closet, Sonata Arctica Sucks/Stratovarius still rocks, Smart Phone’s non-existant evolution, The NSA, Deep pipes into old existing structures, Pussyfootin’, Dune and the future of Metalscape.

Ahab – The Giant
Boomtown Rats – I don’t like Mondays
Fever Ray – If I had a Heart
Herbie Hancock – Rockit
Om – Addis

Music Bed: Funki Porcini – On (album), Kaya Project – And So It Goes (album)

Metalscape Episode CXL

ITE: Cobwebs, How bass drops shaped the entertainment industry, Pitbull, Ron’s underground business, Zach’s gypsy undertakings and travellings, “Ï love banging bitches!”, Wintersun’s Time I, Smoking, Game of Cocks, Vikings, The Metalscapalooza, Opeth says fuck you to all previous members, “Someone somewhere’s living off Metalscape”, please stop.

Metalscape never dies!

Finntroll – Häxbrygd
Wintersun – Darkness And Frost
Igorrr – Tout Petit Moineau
Valravn – Olavur Riddararos
Opeth – I Feel the Dark

Igorr – Infinite Loop (excerpt)

Music Bed
Blockhead – The Music Scene
Dabrye – Instrmntl

This is not Over

Metalscape never dies. So goes the old saying, and who are you to question the old saying?

I’m halfway settled in my new place, so I’ll share a picture of my new recording studio:
I’ve yet to hang the Metalscape lettering on a wall, and sadly I can’t really call it the Wordless Chamber 3.0 since I share this room with my roomate, but it is now a fully operational podcast recording facility.

I was having some technical difficulties with my computer that prevented me from recording, but now I fixed all of that shit (smooth sailing on Windows 8) and all I need now is a decent pair of headphones. If anyone wants to donate one, feel free to do so.

Expect a new episode soon enough, for this is the year Metalscape shall gloriously rise from darkness, leap across millions of karads of empty space, and come into being inside your headphones for your listening pleasure.


ITE: Metalscape returns in time for the End of the World, Golems, Dragons Evolve, Haircuts, Flight School, The magic of Facebook, 24 Hours in Cancun, gay songs, Adventures, Nordish Tunes. Also, we need money. Buy a shirt or donate a couple of thousand dollars.

Golem! – Train across Ukraine
Cynic – Amidst the Coals
Cynic – Carbon Based Anatomy
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
Justice – Ohio
Kraftwerk – Numbers (Live)
Gojira – Clone
Golem! – Warsaw is Khelm

There’s a lot of songs I personally picked for the music bed, too much to list here. Go to the episode thread in our forums and ask me there.

Metalscape CXXXV – We’re Baaaack

Some of you may know this episode was recorded some weeks ago, but due to some life shit I couldn’t get it up until now. After talking Ron into letting me handle this one, I go and screw it up. O swells.

I don’t even remember what we talked about, but I know it get’s a little ridiculous so I guess you’ll just have to listen and find out.

Enslaved – The Sleep
Primordial – No Grave Deep Enough
Powerglove – The Real Adventurs of Johnny Quest
Wardruna – Bjarkan
Will Smith – Wild Wild West
Deep Purple – Never Before
Emperor – Ye Entrancemperium
Yngwie Malmsteen – Overture 1622
Xerath – False History
Dalriada – Tavaszköszöntõ
Otyg – Vilievandring
The Muppets – Bohemian Rhapsody

Bed Music:
Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More

Metalscape – Episode 135


ITE: Never cease to underwhelm, THE METALSCAPE REQUEST CHALLENGE ENTRY PICKS, excitement for several reasons, Stand Up Comedian Zach, Metalscape on Financial Stability, Italian Dinosaurs, deep vaginas and how they relate to your slut level, The Masters of Realness and the most embarrassing fail in Metalscape History.

Destroyer 666 – Ride the Solar Winds
Rhapsody – Reign of Terror
F.K.U. – Marine Marauders
Electric Wizard – Funeralopolis
Falkenbach – Havamal
Lorn – Tomorrow
Hirax – Warlords Command
DJ Shadow – Six Days

Intro: DeadMau5 – Hey Baby

Music Bed: Kaya Project – “Desert Phase”, Doctor Rockit – “The Unnecessary History of Doctor Rockit”

About the Contest

Please submit only one song.

Also, I will not be listening to any of the songs prior to the show. We will have an episode before the Request Challenge to select the 8 entries live on the program.

Thanks for entering!

Episode CXXXI

ITE: Twitter is ruining my Heroes, Bitches don’t know ’bout my Nautical Metal, Fake Vagina Ripping Dicks, Ron’s Playlist: Vs. The World and the Metalscape Facebook Fan Spotlight and Dubstep is actually pretty lame.

Suicidal Tendencies – Suicyco Mania
Devin Townsend – Away
Waylander – King of the Fairies
Ahab – The Hunt
Whore – A Decision Needs to be Made/What’s Wrong?
Enslaved – The Voices
Mew – Introducing Palace Players
Sepultura – Murder
Cookie Monsta – R0807 D06
Hillton FM – Send In My Army

Intro: Smov-E – Mi Amante

Music Bed: Dabrye – “One/Three”, “Instrmntl”, Latin Bitman – “Colour”, Masserati 2lts – “Exposicion Verano-Verano”

Episode CXXVIII – Stay Dub

ITE: America sucks at countries, Nergal’s death and the metal revolution, Justin Bieber is secretly the greatest musician ever and Portuguese men come have a join us with the sex.

Bloodhag – Franz Kafka
Animals as Leaders- Tempting Time
Cage – Planet Crusher
Howl – You Jackals Beware
Casus Belli – I’m Your Master
Ulver – Wolf and Fear
Harness – Eye of the Storm
Vaski – Get Down

Music Bed: Ratatat – LP3, Ratatat – LP4

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!