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OPETH assist in suicide

According to their official site, Opeth’s tour bus crashed into another car that made an un-expected U-Turn as the band (minus Åkerfeldt, Axenrot and Äkesson who had flown back to Sweden) was on their way to Brussels. Everyone in the bus came out unscathed, but the driver on the car died later in the hospital.

Moreover, Metalstorm says that the accident was no accident at all, since police later found a suicide note inside the car that made the U-turn. Freaky no? Mikael says he’s pretty disturbed about the whole thing. I say it’s quite appropriate; You can’t have a prog band without some sort of freaky accident/incident happening on their tours. It all ads up to the mystique.
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More Fake Opeth Goodies

First there was counterfeit tickets, and now there are fake facebook profiles popping up claiming to be Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt.

Mike recently stated that he does not have any facebook pages, and any that you find are completely independent and have nothing to do with the true Akerfeldt.

I will bring these people down (to Chinatown) as soon as possible.

Enslaved Tour Update

Ivar Bjørnson (Guitar) of Enslaved has posted an in depth up date of their North American tour with Opeth.

More than a feeling! We’ve never been to Boston before, so this was about time. What a city! The dialect made famous by JFK is worth a trip in itself (“haad liquor”, “who faated?”). The city is famous for amongst other things Cheers and its seafood, we got to check out the latter; the sushi was just beyond. We tried getting on one of the famous duck safaris, but they were sold out-we had to settle for a rubber duck and some duck lips (that were appropriately used during the set later that night). We found a store specializing in lobster souvenirs; we were inches away from Grutle getting a nifty lobster hat. Why hasn’t anybody thought of selling cod- and shrimp-hats in good ol’ Bergen, Norway? The local Trade Counsel should feel free to get in touch for some input.

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Episode CXIII

Space Pedos

ITE: I loves me some airports, Disneylands, Morrison, Roncold, Duck Ruling, Zach plays a request, Tom’s girlfriend, Dio’s sitcom, Nuclear Blast has a lot of bands, ze Opeth Tour Memoirs, Chepe brawl, Raining Blood and Frosbitten Truckers.

Hellkrusher – Wasteland
Einherjer – Fimbul Winter
Dark Tranquillity – Am I 1?
Windir – Journey to the End
Stratovarius- Deep Unknown
Agalloch – Fire Above Ice Below
Einherjer – Wolf-Age
Oakhelm – Immram

Captain EO Part 1
Captain EO Part 2
Krod Mandoon Chick
Purple Drank
Hippie Hill 1
Hippie Hill 2
Kreator PETA video 1
Kreator PETA video 2

Episode CXI (real one)

No fooling around this time

ITE: I wouldn’t mind gay parents, persuasive speeches, ass-kicking mexicans, shamdown, “Pop music thinking”, Adagio review, leather speakers, Nicaraguan cuisine, gogo News, the About section, invisible drums and Wrath.

Ghost Snorter – Fall
Absu – …of the Dead Who Never Rest in Their Tombs Are the Attendance of Familiar Spirits Including:
A.) Diversified Signs Inscribed
B.) Our Earth of Black
C.) Voor
Dream Theater – In The Name of God
Children of Bodom – Silent Night, Bodom Night
Adagio – Vamphyri
Impaled – Wrought in Hell
Opeth – Hope Leaves
Lamb of God – In Your Words

Shamwow commercial video
Unexpect youtube channel
Fancy ass speakers
Fancy ass stand for those fancy ass speakers

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!