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Pirate Bay to Begin Charging Users

Global Gaming Factory (The company which recently bought the infamous tracker) has announced that they will begin a subscription based model in the near future.

They say that revenue from subscription fees and ad-revenue (wait, I get to pay a fee and still get a bunch of porn ads? SWEET!) will be used to pay off copyright holders. They also say that users who contribute more of their bandwidth to seeding will receive reduced fees (even free).

Now I’m not exactly opposed to file sharing, but I do have a problem when these companies accept money claiming to support copyright holders but in reality, they don’t. I hope that this doesn’t turn out like another AllOfMP3, I used that service big time and I knew it was too good to be true.

Although to be honest, I have a bit more faith in the swedish than I do in those damn ruskis.

Pirate Bay loses first hearing in File Sharing Trial

manifesta 3 Years after their server farm was raided, the first verdict was finally announced. But those crazy swedes refuse to go down and have already appealed. They are refusing to accept donations because they truly believe that they won’t have to pay any fines. They did leave this statement though.

If you really want to help out, here is a list:
* Seed those torrents a little bit more than you usually do!
* Buy a t-shirt and show the world where your sympathy is.
* If you live in Europe, vote in the election for the EU parliament in June.
* Continue to build the internets! Start more bittorrent sites, blog more, start your own lobby group, create, remix, mash up and continue to grow more heads on this amazing hydra that we know as the internets!
* Do not be afraid of using the network. Invite your friends to this and other file sharing systems. Calm people down if they’re upset. We need to stay united.

And say it loud say it proud! We are all The Pirate Bay!

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!